Master the Art of Insect Control With These Fly and Fruit Fly Traps

best fly and fruit fly traps
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When it comes to ridding your home or office of bugs, insects and just about any other flying annoyance, you might be surprised to know there are quite a few safe and effective solutions that are not only chemical and odor-free, but also safe for the whole family, including pets.

Featured below are three of the best indoor insect traps for catching gnats, fruit flies, mosquitoes and even scorpions. What these traps have in common is their ease of use and effectiveness — they work by either emitting a UV LED light and heat to attract the bugs, killing them in seconds or a fan will suck them in and super sticky glue boards will make sure they don’t escape.

These comprehensive insect traps are also compact and convenient, non-toxic, odorless and safe for babies, small children, and pets. Ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, offices, garages or covered porches, simply hang them on a hook, connect them to a power source and let the traps do the rest.


1. Katchy Indoor Insect Trap

The Indoor Insect Trap by Katchy works best for catching gnats, fruit flies and mosquitoes. It has a UV light that lures the bug above the fan, sucks them in and the sticky glue boards make sure they don’t escape. Non-toxic, odorless and with no electric zapping, this trap is safe around small children and pets and will work well in your kitchen, bedroom, office or garage. Simply set up the trap as close to the insects as possible, plug it into the wall or USB and let it do its job.

Pros: This product will also work in areas with no electricity such as cabins or other enclosed spaces.

Cons: Glueboard replacements are required when needed.

insect trap katchy Courtesy of Amazon


2. Crioxen Plug-in Bug Zapper

The Bug Zapper by Crioxen is the easiest way to rid your house of bugs and mosquitoes as it simply plugs into a power socket and uses its high voltage to kill them. Four included UV LED lights emit the light that attracts the bugs to kill them in seconds and a bug collection tray catches them which can be easily and quickly cleaned out with a brush. Durable and eco-friendly, these traps are ideal for the home, office or travel.

Pros: This is a compact in size yet powerful bug zapper that can protect an area up to 500 square feet.

Cons: The bug zapper works best for mosquitoes, fruit flies and flying gnats only.

plug-in bug zapper crioxen Courtesy of Amazon


3. Firstopp Bug Zapper

Firstopp’s Bug Zapper traps and kills mosquitoes and insects in all directions within a radius of 500 square feet. This bug zapper uses UV light to attract the insects and can be hung on a hook or easily attached to a sturdy surface. Once attached, it will lure the bugs in, they will hit the high voltage grid and die. They will then fall on the tray where you can easily remove and clean it out. This zapper can be used at home, school or the office and has a quiet operation to avoid disturbances.

Pros: No pesticides or chemical compounds are used with this zapper and it uses an external mesh design to prevent fingers from getting an electric shock.

Cons: Avoid placing it in front of a fan which can affect the bug trapping effect.

bug zapper firstopp Courtesy of Amazon