Fend Created a Revolutionary Bike Helmet That Folds for Easy Storage

fend folding bike helmet
Courtesy of FEND

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Despite the fact that safety should always be of primary concern and focus when operating something like a bike or scooter, it’s easy to acknowledge that carrying around a helmet is nothing short of a hassle. Short of affixing a helmet to an exterior backpack strap, there’s never been a truly elegant or stylish solution for those looking to stowaway a helmet for later use. Despite their ubiquity, there’s not been a significant push to get existing manufacturers to reconsider how a helmet functions—until now.

fend folding bicycle helmet Courtesy of Fend

Enter: Fend. The new brand aims to completely change the whole commuting experience, focusing on making it both “easier and safer” to travel around. The first step in that process is their folding bicycle helmet. In its collapsed stage, the helmet almost looks like the narrow head of the titular Alien, but two side panels quickly and easily slide down to provide the full and standard coverage you’re used to having in a helmet. A satisfying and distinctive “click” lets you know the helmet is fully out and ready to use. The straps then easily adjust to ensure the coverage needed to make sure the helmet is safely and securely on your head, while a specialized dial system helps to further adjust the fit to your specific needs. The design also provides plenty of ventilation, so there’s no need to worry about potential overheating during an arduous ride. 

Features are nice and cool, but if a helmet isn’t safe, then there’s no point in investing in it. Fortunately, Fend realizes that too and ensured that their helmet has the backing of both the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and, more importantly, EN 1078 backing (a European standard that specifically relates to helmet safety for cyclists, skateboarders, and roller skaters). It’s also extremely lightweight at 400 grams, making it less than a pound; that will help with storage ability if you decide to sock it away in your bag. However, should you decide not to, it has its own canvas carrying bag for ease of use while you’re out and about.

Form should always follow function, and Fend has made sure that their helmet is a reflection of that philosophy at every single stage. It’s hard to believe it’s taken this long to revolutionize a helmet, but if this helmet is any indication—it’s well been worth the wait.

Fend Folding Bike Helmet Courtesy of Fend