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This Folding Electric Bike Is a Life Saver For Urban Dwellers

* A city bike that takes up less space and gets you up super steep hills
* A portable and foldable electric bike for the urban guy 
* Made with a 250-watt hub motor and 14-inch wheels

If you are a city dweller in the hilly metropolis of San Francisco or residing in Denver and have long-distance commutes from the city to the suburbs, you understand the necessity of having a mode of transportation that can get you to work while still getting a workout in. Electric bikes are on the rise as they give you a boost up major hills but let you pedal yourself on flatter roads for a refreshing cruise to work or to the gym. Whether you are someone who leans towards sleek road bikes or you enjoy the convenience of an electric scooter to buzz around, there are plenty of options for urban dwellers who want an alternative mode of transportation to a car.

The creators over at Swagtron have created an electric bike that has the added feature of folding capabilities, which is such a great option for those who are limited on space at home or need to bring their bike into work because of safety reasons. The design is quite impressive as the whole bike folds up into a compact size, about 15.6-inches by 39-inches and weighs 36 pounds. Because it has an adjustable seat, it can be custom fit for every rider and can easily become a bike you share with other family members and friends. With rave reviews on Amazon, the SwagCycle EB-5 Pro electric bike is worth considering if you are looking for a summer whip to get you around.

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Adjustable seat and handlebars

14-inch rubber wheels with quick-disconnect power lines

Has a range of 15.5 miles as you toggle between pedal assist and no assist

Throttle and battery indicator gives you total control

36-volt Li-ion battery that recharges in 5 hours

250-watt hub motor

With the throttle, you can go just over 15 miles per hour

The bike can hold up to 264 pounds

Folds 3 times to fit in your car, store at the office, and in your closet at home

The seat has a twin rail system and fits all universal seats

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Courtesy of Amazon

Along with the aforementioned features, the bike also has autoguard braking to ensure the engine disengages when you have to quickly put on the brakes. The aluminum design is meant for both men and women as well as children because of the customization options. Customers remind people that the bike is nearly impossible to ride without a charge, so make sure to power up before heading out on a longer jaunt to avoid having to walk your electric bike. The bike comes pre-assembled upon ordering and you can even finance the bike for 6-months if you want to pay in small installments. For peaceful cruises through the park or fast-paced treks to class and to the office, this multi-function bike really is one of the best options for urban dwellers looking for a boost to get around.

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Courtesy of Amazon