The Best Portable Picnic Tables for Every Type of Summer Adventure

best portable picnic table
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Summer is on the horizon, which means picnic month is just around the corner. It’s time to gather your friends and family, and head to the park for delicious food and great company. However, while picnicking on the floor may look picturesque in the movies, the reality of being on the same level as the creepy crawlies isn’t really preferable with food around, or if you have a particularly bad back. That’s why we suggest investing in one of the best portable picnic tables as they provide a pop-up dining room you can use almost anywhere.

Owning one of the best portable picnic tables isn’t just about picnics in the park, either. They have many more uses and plenty of great features, too. These include:

  • Storage – Most portable picnic tables are designed to pack flat. This makes storing them easier when they’re not being used. This is also handy for big family gatherings, such as Thanksgiving, when your current dining table could use a temporary extension.
  • Hygiene – Having your food and drinks spread on the floor makes it easy for unwanted bugs to find their way in. Using one of the best portable picnic tables to display and protect your food keeps it raised and less accessible. The flat surface of a table also helps to avoid spillages and difficult-to-clean sticky areas. 
  • Material – The best portable picnic tables use lightweight and easy-clean materials such as Oxford cloth, polypropylene and aluminium. These materials are also highly durable to ensure a longer lifespan for your picnic table investment. 
  • Comfort – Using one of the best portable picnic tables rather than the floor encourages portable camping chair use. This setup is far more comfortable than sitting on the floor, especially if you have elderly or limited mobility members in the group.

Aside from the day-to-day uses for the best portable picnic tables, which include camping, parties, tailgating and BBQs, they can also be useful in commercial situations. If you own a pop-up business which requires seating, many of the best portable picnic tables can save time and resources when setting up in each new location. 

We’ve collected together our 11 best portable picnic tables. Each one is well reviewed and ready to help you have a summer to remember. Scroll down and find the right one for your needs.

1. Trekology Portable Camping Side Table


The Trekology Portable Camping Side Table is a user-friendly way to upgrade and elevate picnic time. It’s constructed from aerospace-grade aluminium which is highly durable and will last for years of outdoor adventures and dining. The table top is roughly adult knee height and can support up to 50 pounds. Additionally, the table is available in small, medium or large, all of which come with a lightweight carry bag for easier portability.

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2. MOVTOTOP Folding Camping Table


If you’re well known for being a little clumsy and are better off with the security of a cup holder, the MOVTOTOP Folding Camping Table could be the right choice for you. Its two-tier design features a flat top surface which is ideal for plates, bowls and board games, while the lower shelf has integrated cup holders and a mesh pocket for cutlery or valuables. To make this table lightweight and budget-friendly, the surfaces are made from high-quality Oxford cloth.

movtotop folding camping table Image courtesy of Amazon


3. 2x4basics Flip Top Bench Table


While the 2x4bascis Flip Top Bench Table may not be the most portable of picnic tables, it does boast a smart design which allows it to turn from a classic bench into a two-person picnic bench in a matter of seconds. The weather-proof resin frame provides durability in all conditions and is best suited to life in your backyard. Furthermore, if you purchase two of these picnic tables, you can face them toward each other and place them back to back. It’s possible to create a classic picnic bench suitable for up to four people.

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2x4basics flip top benchtable Image courtesy of Amazon


4. PORTAL Aluminium Folding Square Table


With over 1,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, the PORTAL Aluminium Folding Square Table is a popular option among picnic goers. The two-piece table is made up of a roll-up top surface and fold-out frame. The table top measures 27.5 inches square and the frame stands 26.5 inches high. Overall, this portable picnic table weighs less than ten pounds but can support up to 60 pounds. It also comes with a carry bag which has two compartments to ensure the metal frame doesn’t scratch the smooth table top during transit.

portal lightweight aluminum square table Image courtesy of Amazon


5. CampLand Outdoor Folding Table


The CampLand Outdoor Folding Table is a great choice for family days out. The design includes double storage units on the underneath which are ideal for storing cutlery and kitchenware, such as plates and cups. They can also act as additional food storage stations for additional courses or if you accidentally prepare a little too much. The sturdy top surface is made from lightweight MDF which gives you a trustworthy working and presenting surface while the detachable storage pockets are made from a lightweight 600D Oxford cloth.

campland outdoor folding table Image courtesy of Amazon


6. VINGLI Folding Camping Picnic Table


The clever design of the VINGLI Folding Camping Picnic Table means it can fold down to fit inside the supplied suitcase, which is great for portability purposes. It can also be set up in less than three minutes by one person. The solid, aluminium alloy frame enables each of the four seats to support up to 220 pounds each and the central table surface can support up to 66 pounds. It also features a one-inch umbrella hole for when the weather interrupts events. However, it’s worth noting that an umbrella needs to be purchased separately.

vingli folding camping picnic table Image courtesy of Amazon


7. FORUP Folding Utility Table


The FORUP Folding Utility Table is ideal for large group gatherings in any location. It’s folding-lock design means it can be set up and taken down in under a minute on any flat surface. It’s lightweight and has an integrated carry handle, making it easy to transport from point A to B without difficulty. The two folding legs are made from powder-coated, alloy steel which gives them impressively strong and attractive at the same time. To complete the quality finish of this table, the top surface is made from high-density polyethylene which can support up to 500 pounds. You’ll be grateful to have this portable picnic table on hand come Thanksgiving when you have several extra mouths to seat and feed.

best portable picnic table forup Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Lifetime 80373 Portable Folding Picnic Table


The Lifetime 80373 Portable Folding Picnic Table comes with two benches which attach to the underneath of the tabletop. This makes it easy to transport as a single piece. The metal frames used on both of the benches and table are powder coated for a rust-resistant finish which also looks great against the clean, white top surfaces. Each bench comfortably seats two adults which means it’s a great option for families of four or a double date.

best portable picnic table lifetime Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Stansport Picnic Table and Umbrella


Come rain or shine, you can be protected from the sun’s rays or getting wet with the Stansport Picnic Table and Umbrella. No picnic set up is truly complete without an umbrella, so this is a great choice for those looking to go all out. The umbrella features a user-friendly, push button for greater comfort and ease when putting it up or taking it down. It’s also easy to adjust the height of the umbrella. Additionally, the table is made from heavy-duty plastic, making it highly durable and attractive, thanks to the brown woodgrain finish which is inspired by a classic bench appearance.

best portable picnic table stansport Image courtesy of Amazon


10. HAPPYGRILL Outdoor Folding Picnic Table


Having the HAPPYGRILL Outdoor Folding Picnic Table stored in the garage ready for summer is a highly practical solution to outdoor dining. This portable picnic table is more study than many of its competitors thanks to its solid frame and wooden construction. However, it needs to be transported as three individual pieces as the individual benches do not attach to the table in any way.

best portable picnic table happygrill Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Office Star Resin Folding Table Set


Push the boundaries of your picnic with the Office Star Resin Folding Table Set. The six-foot long table and accompanying benches can seat up to eight adults comfortably. Each bench has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds while the table itself can support up to 350 pounds. Furthermore, the table set comes backed by over 1,400 five-star reviews from Amazon users and makes remote dining a whole lot more convenient with its easy-to-setup design.

best portable picnic table office star Image courtesy of Amazon


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