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Review: FootJoy Makes Golf Shoes a Personal Affair with MyJoys Bespoke

Richard Fryer, Director of Product Management for FootJoy Footwear, makes a good point when discussing why it’s important for a player to invest in a good pair of golf shoes: “Other than the ball, a golfer’s shoes are the only equipment used with every shot.”

With that in mind, FootJoy offers a wide range of golf shoes running a range of styles and functions. If a given player likes classic styles or more athletic designs, FootJoy is ready with options — most falling from $240 to less than $100.

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For the golfer who demands very precise specs — while looking for equally en pointe styling, FootJoy began offering its bespoke MyJoys service in 2003. After navigating through a simple menu of style, color and material choices, the player emerges with a pair of unique FootJoy shoes made exclusively for one, very dedicated golfer’s feet with only a modest additional charge for the individuality.


What We Liked about the MyJoys Bespoke Golf Shoes

From toe to heel, saddle to monogram, the golfer has all of the options FootJoy can manage. The manufacturer holds nothing back, so the buyer can select any preset style, in multiple colors, in finished or patent leather, complete with very personal touches such as initials and logos.

“A player can sit down in an evening, have a glass of wine, and spend hours playing with all of the options,” Fryer says. “We find that 90% of golfers have one foot a different size from the other. Since we’re building the shoes one at a time in our own factory, we can adjust the size of each shoe to fit.”

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All of this bespoke, creative power comes at only a modest price increase over the standard FootJoy design. For example, a pair of new FootJoy Men’s DryJoys cost a tick below $200. If the buyer creates a MyJoys design of the same shoes, the cost stays under $250.

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“We keep control of the supply chain, so we can keep costs down,” Fryer explains. “We put significant investment into the materials and components needed, so they’re readily at hand for construction.”


What We Didn’t Like about the MyJoys Bespoke Golf Shoes

There are certain realities of affordable personalization that no service can overcome. Bespoke takes time. The golfer who makes that perfect, one in a million pair of MyJoys must be patient as it takes about four weeks for the order to go through the manufacturing and shipping process.

Otherwise, the like or dislike, good or bad, all comes down to the designer — the buyer. FootJoys are known for their build quality and endurance. So, put simply, if you end up with a pair of shoes that don’t appeal visually, there’s no one to blame but you.


The Verdict: Your Game, Your Shoes, Your Way

If you want to head to London or New York and get fitted for your own pair of bespoke, “from scratch” golf shoes, bring cash to the tune of four figures. Instead, you can have a good time playing through the MyJoys personalization system and end up with unique, affordable and well-made golf shoes only one set of feet will ever wear.

“We find the MyJoys buyers are trendsetters — explorers who find our service and like to show off the results,” Fryer says. “We get the word out there thanks to those proud customers.”

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