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This $15 Gallon Water Bottle Is Obnoxiously Huge But Finally Has Me Drinking Enough Water

It’s summer, it’s hot, and we all know we should be chugging water all day in order to stay alive. However, refilling your water bottle during a workday is annoying, and keeping track of how much water you’ve had is low on the priority list for busy people. That’s why when I saw this gallon-sized water bottle, I knew I had to try it out. Not only would I not have to refill it, I could also drink ONE bottle a day and know I had met my hydration goals. It’s obnoxiously gigantic, but this thing works.

I’m also a sucker for ombre, although there are plenty of other colors available. I’ve shared all the details on my favorite new water bottle below, which also happens to be on sale.

Simple Modern 1-Gallon Water Bottle

For a limited time, Prime Members can “clip” a 30% virtual coupon, which brings the price down to just $15. When you click the coupon on the Amazon product page, the discount should be automatically applied in your cart.

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Why You Need the Simple Modern Gallon Water Bottle

I’m very passionate about water bottles, especially viral ones, and their ability to not just keep you healthy but act as an emotional support throughout a long day. A hydrating anchor for your body and mind, if you will. I take sips of my bottle during a tense meeting, in the car running errands and in between sets of a workout. It makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself, drop by drop.

With regular-sized water bottles, however, this means regular refilling, which I’m frankly too lazy to do. This used to result in a mid-afternoon slump of dehydration, but not with this Simple Modern bottle. It’s so big I find myself almost never needing to refill it mid-workday, and the sheer size gives me all the motivation I need to continue drinking until I reach the bottom. It’s become my own little consumption Everest, that I try to conquer each day.


  • Helps you stay hydrated
  • Requires fewer refills (less than one per day, typically)
  • Has a straw top so you don’t have to lift and tilt to drink, and a handle that makes grabbing it easy
  • Comes in a range of colors, including ombre patterns


  • Large size makes it heavy when full
  • Takes a long time to refill
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