5 Ways to Trick Out Your Jeep Wrangler for An Epic Summer Adventure

jeep wrangler outdoors
Courtesy of Jeep

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* Gear to trick out your Jeep so it’s camping and off-roading ready 
* Rooftop tents, handle grips and foot pegs for easy access
* When adventure calls, you should be ready 

If you own a Jeep—or fantasize about owning one someday—you know it is not just an off-roading vehicle but a lifestyle. And tricking out your whip so it is ready for summer adventures in the great outdoors is key. Sure, the standard Jeep Wrangler is a beautiful beast of rugged design and prowess in the backcountry, but with a few extra elements added like this rooftop tent, all-weather rubber mats and foot pegs on the outside for easy access in-and-out, you can elevate the vehicle’s capabilities while making it more enjoyable during muddy turns outdoors.

1. Overlander Rooftop Tent For Car Camping

Car camping is the most accessible way to survive outside for a long weekend, especially with this Overlander rooftop tent that sleeps 2-3 of your closest friends and family. It attaches to the roof-rack on the jeep, folds down discretely when not in use and even comes with a high-density foam double mattress for glamping off the ground.

Overlander Rooftop Tent For Car Camping  Courtesy of Amazon

2. Metal Foot Pegs to Get In-And-Out With Ease

It’s the little details that can make all the difference, which is why we love these metal foot pegs with an anti-slip design that can be secured next to the door hinge to help you and your besties get in and out of the jeep easily. If you are a Jeep owner that prefers a lift and monster-truck tires, then these footholds will especially come in handy to get an extra boost when getting in-and-out of the vehicle.

2. Metal Foot Pegs Jeep Courtesy of Amazon

3. Grip Handles For Interior

Rowdy Jeep drivers are to be expected, but you have to look out for your passengers that are in for a wild ride and may need an extra handhold during turbulent turns through the backwoods. This four-pack of grip handles are the quick solution for a bit of support. They are meant to be placed near the door frame and they attach using adjustable hook and loop fasteners so they can be removed easily if need be and they help riders find balance during intense cruises.

Grip Handles For Interior jeep Courtesy of Amazon

4. Mesh Shade Top For Sun and Rain Protection

For Jeeps that have an open-air roof style, this mesh top is the best option during intense weather to protect you and your passengers from UV sunlight and downpours. The mesh top does not interfere with the factory design of the Jeep so headspace is excellent and the whole design is easy to install. You still get an open-air feel but without exposing everyone to inclement weather.

mesh shade top for jeep Courtesy of Amazon

5. All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats

Mud, water and muck are nearly unavoidable if you are an outdoorsman who likes to actually put their off-roading vehicle to use. Protect your Jeep with this set of rubber floor mats that are designed specifically for your Chrysler-made rig. This set comes with 3 mats total, two slush mats for the front and one for the backseat and are made to collect water and mud, so your carpet stays clean. These are ideal for all-season and will protect your precious rig from the gnarliest elements.

All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats jeep Courtesy of Amazon