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This Hands-Free Umbrella Will Help You Make It out of Rain Season Alive

* Handy umbrella measures 36 inches in diameter
* Attaches securely and keeps you dry and your hands free
* Folds up for easy carrying

The southwest may not have seen the “polar vortex” which had a certain head of state tweeting about “global waming,” but we did get plenty of rain, and there’s more on the way before the rainy season is over.

What’s the one thing some of us have come to appreciate this past week? Umbrellas. A good invention, and a surprisingly ancient one (although they were first used, over three thousand years ago, as parasols to keep the sun off you). Apparently, the ancients cared more about avoiding premature skin aging than about getting wet.

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But the one problem with umbrellas? You need to hold them with your hand! What are you supposed to do if you’re also carrying a bag of groceries, a cup of hot coffee or a tiny dog who does not want to step in puddles? What, are you supposed to stop staring at your phone just because it’s raining?

Of course not, which is why they’ve finally, after all these millennia, invented a hands-free umbrella. This one attaches to your head and is suitable for use as either a rain umbrella or a sun-shade. As far as we were able to find, no one has yet recorded a dance to the Rhianna song while wearing this hands-free umbrella hat.


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