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This Heated Camping Blanket Lets You Ditch The Sleeping Bag in Cold Weather

* A battery-powered blanket for cold nights camping
* Comes with an attachable, waterproof blanket for extra comfort
* Battery can be used to charge mobile devices and even jump start a car

If you love camping, but find a sleeping bag just never feels quite warm enough on colder evenings, it’s time to invest in one equipped with artificial heating. The

features a built-in, cordless heating system that will warm you up within a matter of minutes.

Inside the blanket is a patented, battery-powered heating system that can reach temperatures of 15 to 45 degrees using the adjustable high, medium and low settings. The blanket is made from high-quality 20D Ripstop nylon, which is filled with 650 fill white duck down insulation to keep you warm even when the power is switched off.

The included 12000mAh battery, can provide heat for up to 4 hours on the lowest setting, and around 2 hours on the highest. Once empty, the battery can be recharged in as little as 4 hours. An added bonus, the multi-functional battery gives you the ability to charge mobile devices and even jump start your car. In addition, the battery features a built-in LED flashlight for performing extra tasks like S.O.S. lighting signals or finding your keys in the dark.

Furthermore, the heated blanket is accompanied by a second, moisture-proof blanket, which can be button fastened to the heated blanket in order to provide a sleeping bag or simply protect you from wet or uneven ground. The additional blanket comes in either blue or green.

Whether you want a warmer way to wrap yourself up when you’re out under the stars or simply want a cordless heater when the weather is slightly cooler than predicted, this handy blanket is an easy way to make sure you’re never caught out in the cold.