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Your Best Winter Weapon Are Sharper Image’s Heated Insoles

* Keep your feet warm regardless of the freezing weather
* Charges in just 3-4 hours
* Comes in a variety of sizes

When we’re on a ski vacation, hiking or even shoveling the driveway in the freezing cold, our feet usually feel the brunt of the inclement weather. When the temperature drops, it’s hard to get out of bed knowing that we’re going to have to cross that icy floor.

Sharper Image has come out with the most innovative solution to keeping our feet warm no matter how brutal the weather. The high-tech lifestyle company released its new Heated Insoles this season. At once cozy and comfortable, the insoles stay toasty with a simple charge, just like you would do with any other electronic device.

With just one charge of its built-in battery, the insoles stay heated for up to six hours. Whether you’re checking out the flicks at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival, building a snowman in the yard, or hiking the Appalachian Trail, you can regulate the temperature to fit your comfort level and activity (for maximum warmth, the insoles can be heated up to 104-degrees Fahrenheit). The insoles are also designed to absorb sweat, shock and odors.

Designed for avid travelers and for people with an outdoorsy spirit, the heated insoles are easily charged via a wall outlet or your USB port through your computer, laptop, or other device. Formatted to fit most shoes and boots, the insoles come in small, medium, large and extra-large for both men and women.

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