How to Change a Bike Tire in Four Easy Steps

how to change bike tire
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Flats aren’t fun to get and changing out a tube can be tricky, so we’re going to review the steps to get you started if you’re in need of changing a bike tire. First, some tools you’ll need before you get started are a tire lever, which typically comes in a pack of three, a new tube, and a bike pump. Let’s review the steps. Here’s how to change a bike tire:

Step 1: Remove the Tube With a Tire Lever

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Insert the tire lever in between the tire and under the beads of the rim, against a spoke for balance. You may need to place all three tire levers against the rim and the tire to open it enough before you can slide the third lever down the length of the wheel, which will release your tube. Once the bead is released, you can pull the tube out.

Step 2: Use the Pump To Find the Cause

After you have the tube out, you can pump it back up to find out what caused the flat. Usually, you’ll hear a hissing sound and then you can look and see if there is glass or a nail in the tube. This is an important step because it will let you find out if there is anything left in your tire, which will need to be removed before you insert a new tube. Match the valve on the tube up with the valve on the wheel and you’ll see where the placement of the hole in the tube lines up with the tire. From there, you can run your hands along the inside of the tire to find what caused the flat.

Step 3: Insert the New Tube

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Match up the valve on your new tube to the wheel and begin tucking the new tube into the tire. Once you’ve got the tube inside, you can begin to tuck the tire into the rim.

Step 4: Pump the Tube To Check Progress

Pump up your new tube for a few seconds and then stop. Run your hands along the tire to see if there are any bulges in the tire. If there are, adjust the tube before beginning to pump again. Once you’ve finished, put your wheel back on.


The Best Bike Tools To Keep Handy

Now that you understand how to change a bike tire, you’re going to need some of the tools mentioned above. And although we didn’t mention all of the tools listed below in our initial step-by-step guide, we’d recommend keeping some of these on hand as well. Flats happen to the best of us, but if you’re prepared, they’re but a momentary annoyance.

Here are a few tools you’ll need to buy so you can properly change a bike tire.

1. Bicycle Tire Levers 3 Pack

This is a pack of three tire levers that snap together for easy transport and storage. Keep these in your flat kit or in your cycling jersey for a quick change of a flat.

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Park Tool T1 Tire Lever



2. AR PRO 28 700X20 Tube Pack with Tire Levers

These tubes come in a pack of six for every road cyclist’s tires ranging between 20-26mm wide on 28″ inch tires with a Presta valve. These tubes will absorb extra shock, giving you a pleasant ride over other, less shock-absorbent tubes. There are two tire levers included.

AR PRO 28 700X20 Tube Pack with Tire Levers Courtesy of Amazon

AR PRO 28 700X20 Tube Pack with Tire Levers



3. CalPalmy Schrader Valve Tubes

Great for cyclists with a Schrader valve, this two-pack of tubes will serve you well out on the road. An excellent tube for tires 26″ inches and 1.75-2.1 inches wide. Shock absorbent and well made, these tubes made by CalPalmy will keep you spinning all day long.

CalPalmy Schrader Valve Tubes Courtesy of Amazon

CalPalmy Schrader Valve Tubes



4. Vibrelli Mini Pump and Patch Kit

Having a mini pump on hand while out on the road can be a blessing and while this Vibrelli pump is gorgeous, it’s also extremely functional. It has a Presta and Schrader valve, so you don’t have to worry about who gets the flat. The patch kit comes with a glue-less puncture kit that will help you fix a tube and keep on riding.

Vibrelli Mini Pump and Patch Kit Courtesy of Amazon

Vibrelli Mini Pump and Patch Kit

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5. Roswheel Race Series Saddle Bag

A saddle bag fits directly beneath your bike saddle and can hold all the tools you need to repair a flat on your own. The Roswheel saddle bag is lightweight and stylish, barely detectable underneath your saddle. They come in two sizes, ranging from 0.4 to 0.6 liters of storage space. It is small and streamlined, designed to stay underneath your saddle for maximum placement security so you can ride without worrying about it falling off. This is an excellent saddle bag for any cyclist.

Roswheel Race Series Saddle Bag Courtesy of Amazon

Roswheel Race Series Saddle Bag



6. Park Tool Patch Kit

This patch kit includes a set of six patches and a tube of adhesive that is a self-vulcanizing fluid, so it will create a strong bond with the tube to prevent further tearing. If you don’t have a spare tube on you, using this adhesive will do the trick until you can get to a bike shop. There is also a small square of sandpaper for cleaning.

Park Tool Patch Kit Courtesy of Amazon

Park Tool Patch Kit



7. Bicycle Tire Repair Glue

This pack of five tubes of glue is a great item to have in your flat kit while out on a long ride. If you need to patch a tube quickly, simply keep one of these tubes of glue on hand and then get to work. Don’t forget to sand it down when you’re done.

Bicycle Tire Repair Glue Courtesy of Amazon

Bicycle Tire Repair Glue



8. BV Bicycle Pump Schrader and Presta Valve

This two-for-one pump is a great tool to keep in your garage. With both the Schrader and Presta valves, you can pump up any bicycle tire after fixing the flat. Be sure to check the PSI on the outer part of the tire to see how high you need to pump.

BV Bicycle Pump Schrader and Presta Valve Courtesy of Amazon

BV Bicycle Pump Schrader and Presta Valve

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