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Hikers and Campers, This Tick Remover is the Tiny Tool You Need for Every Outdoor Adventure

* Ticks are tiny arachnids which bite through your skin to enjoy blood-filled meals
* This handy tool makes removing ticks from you and your pets simple
* It’s ideal for hikers and campers who spend time in tick-rich environments

It’s an age old question. Which is worse? Ticks or mosquitoes? And while this topic is certainly up for debate, one thing we can all agree on is neither are pleasant. When it comes to ticks, finding one of these tiny arachnids fully clamped onto your skin is truly gross. Often you don’t know how long it’s been there or what possible pathogens the parasitic little beast could be transferring to you, which is why the immediate concern should be getting it off as quickly (and safely) as possible. For that procedure, let us introduce


This safe, effective and easy-to-use tick removing hack will become your new best friend in your battle against ticks. The design looks just like one of your kitchen measuring spoons with one tiny difference. A V-shaped groove has been placed in the head of the spoon. It’s this V-shaped groove which gives the tick remover its effective one-motion, removal powers. Not only does it make it simple to maneuver the bowl head under the tick, it also contains the tick for easy disposal afterwards.

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One of the major benefits to this tick remover is that there’s no need to worry if you removed the whole tick – including the head. Using tweezers, burning the ticks or pinching them off can lead to all kinds of complications, this simple device keeps the tick in one piece and requires nothing complicated or skillful to function.

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If this all sounds too good and too simple to be true, it’s worth checking out the impressive reviews from users happy with the results. Over 85% of customers score the device as 5-stars, declaring it “a better way to get those stupid bugs off” and a staple for any camping first-aid kit.

In addition to being great for use on humans, the tick remover is also effective for removing ticks from your pets, too. Forget having to hold your dog or cat still for minutes as you carefully maneuver your tweezers, trying not to pinch skin or grab hair in the process. Instead, fit the V under the tick and scoop out the bug in one motion. It really is that simple!

As an added bonus, each pack contains 3 individual tick removers, giving you enough to share with family or friends. Alternatively, keep one in the house, your car and your hiking backpack so you’re never found wanting.

Whether you’re a keen hiker, camping enthusiast or you simply take your dog on adventures through tick-rich habitat on a regular basis, help tip the balance in your favor in the war on ticks with this truly effective yet simple tick removal device.


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