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Face Down Even the Toughest Rapids With These High-Quality Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats are a great, cost-effective way to enjoy recreational trips on a lake or river, fishing, camping or even if you want to just hang out in your pool all day. These boats are versatile, portable and make for easy storage as they take up almost no space.

Below we are featuring three excellent inflatable boating options. Our options will take you everywhere from your backyard pool to a calm river for fishing and everything in between.

In addition to being compact, these inflatable boats are all a snap to assemble, come with an air pump designed for your specific boat size and a set of oars. Made from heavy-duty vinyl, these inflatables are puncture-resistant and meant to resist damage from abrasion, impacts, and sunlight. Inflatable floors (or seats on some) for comfort and gear storage are just some of the included features, making these rafts a great option for a fun day of boating and/or relaxing.

1. Intex Excursion Inflatable Boat

Intex makes great, economical inflatable water equipment, including kiddie pools and this fun lake boat. It’s designed to accommodate up to five people, and the two backrests make it easy to comfortably sit around the boat and enjoy a day on the water. The boat is customizable for your needs as well, thanks to the motor mount fittings, fishing rod holders and oar mounts.

Pros: Economical option for a group of people. Customizable features.

Cons: While it can hold five, it may be more comfortable with four or fewer.

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2. Classic Accessories Inflatable Fishing Boat

This inflatable boat from Classic Accessories was made for the placid lake on a Sunday with everything you need for a great day of fishing. It’s a large boat equipped with ten mesh pockets, 12 zippered pockets for gear, two insulated drink holders, oars, a fish ruler and a mount for a motor. It also has an anchor system so you can easily stay put once you find your sweet spot, a seat mount and footrests that can be adjusted to a wide variety of leg lengths. The boat is made with abrasion-resistant PVC material on the bottom, tough nylon on top and a powder-coated steel tube frame. It also has cold and heat-resistant bladders and the oars are aluminum and seven feet long.

Pros: Heavy duty design, anchor system, motor mount, reliable oars, adjustable seat and foot rests.

Cons: The valve design on the bladders is a bit difficult to maneuver and may allow a bit of air to escape when trying to close them.

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3. Poolmaster 87320 Inflatable Boat

The Poolmaster 87320 Inflatable Boat is a sure fire way to give your kids a way to stay cool. This inflatable boat is big enough for your kids to float in and have fun on a sunny day, clocking in at 39″ W x 59″ L deflated. With two tethering ropes attached, it ensures that they won’t float away during their adventure.

Pros: Cheapest and most family friendly option on our list.

Cons: Is relatively small compared to other inflatable boats on our list.

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4. Newport Vessels Inflatable Sport Boat

Newport Vessels’ inflatable sport boat was made for easy maneuverability on the water. It has a PVC hull, wood and aluminum floor panels to keep you stable and strong oars for movement. It also has a foot pump for easy setup and 18″ tubes for full stability when turning. It can hold a 10hp engine and reach a top speed of 20+ mph under the right conditions. If you’re looking for a dependable boat to take out on the water, this one’s a solid option.

Pros: Speed and motor capacity, sturdy setup, strong oars for movement, stainless steel D-rings for towing.

Cons: The floor is a bit complicated to install.

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