The JUDY Emergency Preparedness Kit Is So Trendy I Might Actually Prepare for the Next Natural Disaster

JUDY emergency kit
Courtesy of JUDY

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Did you know that over half of households in America don’t have a plan or supplies in place for a natural disaster? It’s sad but true, and I get it. In all honesty here, I’ve got a half-assed attempt at an emergency preparedness bag sitting in my front hall closet but I’m not even sure if the band-aids and canned tuna in there will help me in a pinch. Being prepared for the unpredictable is important — from wildfires in California to hurricanes in the South, there’s all kinds of natural disasters we’re all at risk of experiencing at any moment. This is not meant to scare you, but to motivate you to prepare.

If you want to get prepared but don’t know where to start, your journey towards peace of mind can start and end with JUDY.

2 years
Holy shit why would anyone with over half a brain cell buy any of these things? You...

JUDY is an emergency preparedness resource aimed at arming people with the supplies, plans and educational materials they need to be prepared in case the unexpected happens to befall them. They’ve got numerous kits of different sizes, weights and capacities to suit different households as well as digital connectivity built into each one so you can reach out to their preparedness experts with any questions or concerns.

2 years
Holy shit why would anyone with over half a brain cell buy any of these things? You…

Each kit includes a few different categories of essential supplies — including tools and supplies for any type of emergency, first aid essentials for tending to a sickness or injury, nutrient-rich food and water to keep vitals healthy while other supplies is cut off, and plans and guides to help you strategize your personalized emergency plan. They’ve got numerous kits ranging in size from a fanny-pack sized one called “The Safety” all the way up to “The Safe” which is a crate-sized comprehensive kit designed to large households and families. You can read about and check out all of their kits on the JUDY website, and we’re going to highlight a few of our favorites here as well.


The Mover Max

This waterproof go-bag is made to move with you and has all the essentials you need after dashing out of the house, car or apartment. This kit is way more comprehensive and includes tools including a multitool, crank radio and first aid kit as well as emergency drinking water and a mini meal to get you through. In addition, you’ll also find personal protective equipment like KN95 face masks, hand sanitizer and safety gloves. This bag is built for durability and comes with straps so you can sling it over your shoulders and get to huffing it somewhere safer.

The Mover JUDY emergency kitCourtesy of JUDY


The Safe

This comprehensive kit is the one that drew us to this brand in the first place, as it seems like it has everything you need to survive in an emergency or simply hole up in your apartment and embrace the hermit lifestyle. It has everything you need for up to 72 hours of self-sufficiency, with a ready-kit that can be customized to your family’s size. It’s packed with multifunctional essentials for warmth, nourishment, safety and hydration. The crate itself is also heavy-duty and is ready to make yours the best-case scenario emergency.

the JUDY emergency preparedness safeCourtesy of JUDY


The Starter

This kit isn’t so much a go-bag as it is a go-fanny-pack. Still, it has all the bare bone essentials you need to get through available in a convenient and portable fanny pack. This kit is perfect for 1-2 people in a pinch and includes items like an emergency blanket, food bars, hydration packs, ponchos, and KN95 masks and more.

the starter JUDY kit, JUDYCourtesy of JUDY