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The Best Jungle Gyms for Toddlers Will Help Kids Climb Away All That Extra Energy

Parents have been decking out their indoor and outdoor spaces with kid-friendly equipment in record numbers following the pandemic, adding swing sets, bouncy houses and other energy-expending items to help kids be … well, kids. So why shouldn’t toddlers get in on that action with the best jungle gyms for toddlers?

Toddlers, AKA those adorable, waddling little people aged 1-3, are just starting to explore their worlds. They’re mastering movement and balance, learning to walk (and then run) and developing gross and fine motor skills.

This is around the age that they may finally start getting enjoyment out of the park, however with bigger kids zipping around with no spatial awareness, the experience can be scary. Plus some toddlers may have a knack for throwing tantrums when you deem certain equipment too big and therefore off-limits.

Enter these jungle gyms for toddlers. These miniature structures are great for smaller hands and bodies to climb and tumble to their hearts’ content. Whether for indoor or outdoor use (or sometimes both), they’re a practical and stress-free way to keep an eye on your busy kid in a pre-approved, childproof space. And all with a fresh cold brew or snack in hand.

Read on for our list of the best jungle gyms for toddlers below!


1. Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower


Get the kids moving indoors or out with this versatile climbing tower, complete with monkey bars. It can hold up to 150 pounds, which makes it great for multiple tots to play on at once, and parents can feel safe since the interlocking tubes and connectors have double, safe-lock springs. That can make this structure a bit of a pain to disassemble once it’s up, but find a good spot for it and hopefully, the kids will swing out all of that extra energy before bedtime.

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2. Playz 4pc Pop Up Children Play Tent


Kids can spend hours crawling through this indoor or outdoor obstacle course tent-and-tunnel set, and parents can rest assured that they’re safe thanks to the padded structure and breathable mesh walls. It’s also great for playdates, since it tucks away flat into a convenient carrying case, and pops right back up again when you’re ready to play. A jungle gym for toddlers that can travel well? Sign us up.

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3. Wendata Indoor Playground Toddler Climber Slide


If you’re looking to cut down on plastics then this solid wood structure is a great bet for rambunctious tots. The colorful design makes this jungle gym for toddlers appealing for kids stuck indoors while you work or it rains, and it comes with various activities to burn energy and develop things like dexterity, endurance, balance and coordination.

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4. Step2 All-Star Sports Climber With Slide And Balls


Kids love climbing, and kids love balls. That makes this sporty jungle gym for toddlers a win-win. The solid structure is great for climbing and sliding, but there’s extra fun with the football target, basketball net and soccer nook, too. Meanwhile, the unit itself is compact and fits in with a variety of spaces, while the durable plastic material makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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5. SURPCOS Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set


Solid, structured jungle gyms for toddlers are great, but there’s also something to be said about making your own structure. The soft foam and lack of sharp edges on this six-piece activity set are great for younger kids who are just learning to walk and play, but the set is also something they can grow with as they stack, rearrange, and stack some more. It also doesn’t take up much space and can double as a sweet area to nap or read in.

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6. Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber II


Indoors or out, this climber is a great addition to any toddler-friendly play space. The durable material is easy to hose down or clean with a wet wipe (always a concern when kids are involved), and you don’t have to worry if several kids are hanging off it at once since it holds up to 240 pounds. Add in steering wheels for imaginative play, two climbing walls and the always beloved slide, and this is a terrific space for active bodies and minds.

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7. Kids Dome Climber Play Structures


Kids can slide, jump and climb on this compact jungle gym for toddlers that will grow with your child. Multiple kids can jump and slide at the same time thanks to the geometric frame, which supports up to 350 pounds. Meanwhile, the slide is a bit larger than many other standard toddler slides out there, keeping your kids entertained for longer. Add in a trampoline to get that extra bit of energy out, and your children will be napping before you know it.

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8. Lifetime 5 ft. Earth Tone Dome Climber


If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty outdoor structure that kids can use for years, this geodome may be a good fit. It can support up to six kids at once and is made from weather-resistant powder-coated steel, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out against the elements. Meanwhile, the rock-climbing hand grips are easy for smaller hands to grasp, making it a great climber to last toddlers as they transition into preschoolers.

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9. Funphix Create And Play Life Structures “Climbing Gyms” Climber


If you’re looking for some fun jungle gym time to have with your kid, then this structure is definitely an option. The versatile set allows parents to get hands-on while helping tots build and design their own structures, secretly sneaking in some of that coveted STEM time, too. This one is good for a variety of ages (the box says 2-12), and it also comes with a two-year warranty so you can watch your kids build again and again with ease.

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10. Quadro My First Rugged Indoor/Outdoor Climber


This indoor-outdoor jungle gym for toddlers is smaller and lower to the ground, which makes it a great structure for younger kids (from six months to about two years). The unique concept allows you and your kids to switch up the play with a variety of designs, keeping things fresh and interesting. Need more ideas? The set also comes with an online database filled with other build designs.

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