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Tie a Perfect Line Every Time With a Knot-Tying Tool for Fishing

For those who love fishing, the reasons why they keep returning to the water may be very personal. It could be a favorite pastime spent with family and friends, or maybe a way to pass a peaceful morning meditating in the fresh air. Fishing could be a means to an end, coming home after a long day out on the boat with a freshly caught dinner. Or maybe fishing is simply the place, whether it’s a dock, a boat, an ice hut or standing in the water, where you feel your best. But one thing most fishing enthusiasts agree on is that tying a knot is a pain. Thankfully, there are knot-tying tools for fishing that make quick work out of the most dreaded part of the sport.

The best knot-tying tools for fishing make it easier to hold lines and tie a variety of knots. Depending on the type of fishing, different tools provide a convenient aid that can help tie jigs, hooks and lures. Many of the tools on our list come with added features, including hook cleaners, hook sharpeners and line cutters. Knots can be tied seconds before casting or done the night before setting off with your favorite pole.

Make your favorite activity even more pleasant with a useful and easy to use knot-tying tool for fishing.

1. HOOK-EZE Fishing Gear Knot-Tying Tool

For a versatile and safe knot-tying helper, we recommend the HOOK-EZE Fishing Gear Knot-Tying Tool. Designed for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, the Hook-eze makes it easy to tie a variety of knots for attaching lures or other rigs. The back of each Hook-eze includes a stainless steel line cutter. The Hook-eze makes it easy to tie the most commonly used fishing knots, including the Double Blood Knot, a Bimini Twist, the Yucatan, the FG Knot, and the Snell Knot. The Hook-eze can be used with a standard 4/0 or 3/0 circle hook or anything smaller. Each pack comes with two Hook-eze tools and customers can choose between four bright colors, making it easy to distinguish between poles and users.

Pros: The small plastic compartment on the Hook-eze is designed to securely and safely store the hook after the line has been tied, making it easy for users to tie their lines before venturing outdoors.

Cons: The plastic compartment of the Hook-eze can be difficult to open and using the knot tying tool requires some practice for new customers.

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2. SAMSFX Fishing Quick Knot-Tying Tool

The SAMSFX Fishing Quick Knot-Tying Tool pictured here is the double set of the quick knot tying tool, which includes a fishing line ligature tool and two-piece fishing zinger retractors (the tools can also be bought separately). Ideal for users who fish in teams or like to fish with two poles at once, the set helps to not only make knot tying more convenient but also consolidates all the necessary knot-tying accessories. Made from durable 420 stainless steel construction, the multi-tool is the Swiss Army knife of fishing and includes a hook-eye cleaner, hook sharpener, a knot tightener and a mono line cutter. Users can knot line to line, line to hook, line to swivel and make a loop with the quick knot tying attachment on the tool.

Pros: The set also comes with a fishing zinger retractor with a built-in stainless steel spring that can hold fishing pliers, a leader straightener, braid line scissors and a magnetic holder.

Cons: The instructions included are difficult to follow and users would be better served to look up tutorials on how to properly use the multi-tool.

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3. TYEPRO Fishing Knot-Tying Tool

Take the compact TYEPRO Fishing Knot-Tying Tool with you on your next fishing expedition for an easy to use aid in all things knot-tying related. The Tyepro helps to easily thread and tie hooks, jigs and lures and can be used with tackle designed for several types of fishing, including largemouth and smallmouth bass, carp, bluegill, walleye, perch, and small catfish. The Tyepro includes an eyelet funnel, a soft gripping tip, a stainless steel spring and a line clipper for tying Improved Clinch and Palomar fishing knots. Keep the Tyepro close by wearing it or attaching it to a fishing bag using the durable breakaway lanyard.

Pros: The Tyepro’s threading area is larger than other knot tying tools, making it easier to see and use, a big benefit for users with poor eyesight or when using the tool in windy and rainy conditions or on a moving boat.

Cons: The Tyepro has the biggest price tag on our list and doesn’t work well with smaller hooks.

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