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The Leatherman Wave+ Is the Ultimate Multi-tool Boasting 18 Versatile Tools in One Pocket-Sized Package

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For over 35 years Leatherman has been the ultimate word in multi-tool manufacturing, and since 1998 the Leatherman Wave has been the top of the line. Now the best of the best is (somehow) even better.

The Leatherman Wave+ is everything the best-selling original was, and more. The same rugged and durable stainless-steel construction, same ability to close down into a compact and easily carried four-inch package, same incredible utility. But the Wave+ adds removable hard and soft wire-cutter blades, and replaces the traditional screwdrivers with large and small bit holders for even more versatility.

Among the exchangeable bits included is an eyeglass screwdriver. How many of those ridiculous dollar eyeglass kits have you bought and never had when you needed them because you lost them? Problem solved.

Many of the 18 tools on the Leatherman Wave+ — that’s a dozen and a half distinct and highly useful implements in one four-inch portable multi-tool — have received design updates or improvements from the original. But they are the same extremely useful implements that made the original Wave the top-selling multi-tool in the Leatherman line.

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Start with the four outside-access tools: the flat-blade and serrated knives, the saw, and the combination diamond and metal/wood files. Could the files work on your nails? Um, probably? But the metal/wood file will take down a ragged edge easily, and the diamond file is great to have on hand to give one of your outdoor blades a quick sharpening. All four of the outside-access tools are easily opened with one hand.

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The needle-nose and standard pliers are the normal durable and tough workhorse tools Leatherman has become famous for. A wire crimper sits below the hinge of the pliers.

The large bit holder will work with the included Phillips #1-2 & 3/16″ screwdriver bits — there are many other bits available from Leatherman — and the can and bottle openers with wirecutter notch may end up as the most-used pieces on the whole device.

The spring-action scissors work on paper, cardboard, and most plastics. The flat-head screwdriver (not the bit holder) will likely be used more for prying than for screws, and the small bit holder will earn its keep with the included eyeglass bit. Top it off with the 8-inch ruler, and the fact that all the tools will lock in the open position and not fold on you as you’re trying to use them, and the Leatherman Wave+ is a four-inch, pocket-sized wonder that will make you a far more useful dude than you ever were before you bought one!

The Wave+ comes in stainless steel or black and Leatherman continues to offer and stand by its 25-year warranty. Every tool that comes off the line of its Oregon factory is backed by it, and once you see and feel the craftsmanship that goes into the Wave+ or any of their other tools, you’ll easily understand why!