LifeStraw Just Released a New Line of Water Filtration Products To Keep You Hydrated No Matter What

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Outdoor enthusiasts have a new survival tool to add to their camping kit: the makers of the famous LifeStraw, a personal water filter that fits into your pocket, have released a new line of survival gear. LifeStraw’s new Peak Series was released on March 8, and the line of water filters can be purchased from a variety of online retailers.

The original LifeStraw, a popular water filter straw first introduced 17 years ago, is a best-selling product on Amazon, and we’ve covered it repeatedly on over the years. The new LifeStraw Peak Series debut is full of more useful water filtration products that promise to provide clean drinking water no matter your water source. So if you find yourself stranded in the woods and the only water source is a foul, bacteria-filled pond, you can use your LifeStraw equipment to sip potable water straight from the source. According to LifeStraw, the company’s microfilter system protects against 99.999% of bacteria, parasites, microplastics, silt, sand and dirt.

The new LifeStraw launch includes a redesigned version of their flagship water filter straw, featuring enhanced microfilter performance, leak-proof storage, and convenient packing flexibility. With the new Peak series, LifeStraw has also debuted a 650 milliliter and 1-liter Collapsible Squeeze Bottle Water Filter System, a 3-liter and 8-liter Gravity Water Filter System, and an 8-liter Gravity Water Filter with Water Storage Bag.

Each piece can be used together or on its own to ensure that clean drinking water is never out of reach. Previously, SPY has named LifeStraw’s water filtration straws one of the best camping safety accessories, and these tools also make great additions to emergency kits. All of the new products are lightweight and durable, designed for easy carry and transport while you hike, camp, kayak, fish, cycle and enjoy the great outdoors. Keep one or more of this five-piece set at the ready in case of a water shortage, or store one in the glove compartment of your car for quick access should you experience an emergency.

LifeStraw provided SPY with the new Peak Series for testing, and we’ll publish a full in-depth review once we’ve had a chance to properly test the equipment in the field.

man filtering water with LifeStraw Courtesy of LifeStraw

woman using lifestraw to drink from river Courtesy of LifeStraw

There’s another reason to be excited about this launch, as Lifestraw says it’s on a mission to “provide equitable access to safe drinking water” for everyone. Like Bombas or Toms, LifeStraw has a give-back program to help communities that lack access to safe drinking water.

“For every LifeStraw product sold, a child in need receives access to safe water for an entire year. LifeStraw’s Give Back program has provided more than 6 million children with a year of safe water as of 2021,” reads a press release announcing the product launch.

To put this ethos into action, LifeStraw CEO Alison Hiill said that the company is actively working to help refugees suffering amidst the Ukraine crisis.

“Right now, LifeStraw is actively working to respond to the growing Ukrainian refugee crisis, with safe water and other critical needs,” Hill said in a recent press release. “This week, we shipped over 800 purifiers and filters to Romania to be distributed to refugees and internally displaced peoples — and we are in the process of shipping additional filters to other organizations.”

Check out some of the coolest products from the LifeStraw Peak Series launch below. These new survival products can be purchased at, REI and Amazon.

LifeStraw Peak Series Personal Water Filter Straw

Upgraded in the best ways, the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is made of sustainable materials and features an enhanced flow rate for easy sipping when otherwise clean drinking water is unavailable. It’s ultra-lightweight, compact, and easy to carry, fitting into your pocket, backpack or glove compartment without any extra parts to trek around.

LifeStraw Peak Series - Personal Water Filter Straw Courtesy of LifeStraw


LifeStraw Peak Series Collapsible Filter System

This squeezable, collapsible water storage and filtration device makes it easy to drink clean water no matter where you are. It’s available in two sizes — 650 milliliters and 1-liter — and is made of durable materials that won’t crack or break. You can use this as a straw filter, storage solution, squeeze system, or connecter with other Peak Series systems.

LifeStraw Peak Series - Collapsi…er Filter System - 650ml Courtesy of LifeStraw


LifeStraw Peak Series Gravity Water Filter System

An excellent option for camping and backpacking, the gravity water filter system removes sand, dirt and other outdoorsy impurities from your drinking water. This modern-day waterskin uses premium, durable material, is fully leak-proof, and you can use it with a straw filter or standard water bottle. Take the 3-liter system for personal use or the upcoming 8-liter system for a large family or group outing (available mid-May 2022).

LifeStraw Peak Series - Gravity Water Filter System- 8L Courtesy of LifeStraw


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