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Temperatures Have Dropped: Train Outside Comfortably With The Latest Outwear From lululemon

The end of summer signals a few things — berry and peach season is over, football is officially back and working out outside is about to get chillier. The temperature may be brisk, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still train outside safely, especially if you have the right gear. One of the best brands for performance outerwear that still looks sleek? lululemon.

Layering up, protecting your extremities and investing in high-quality outerwear are just a few of the ways you can usher your outdoor workouts from summer to fall seamlessly. lululemon’s gear isn’t cheap, but it’s designed to last through many winter and fall seasons while keeping up with a rigorous training regimen.

For the 2022 season, they have some new and best-selling looks for fall that are worth checking out, especially if your morning runs or post-work HIIT sessions are starting to turn frigid. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite picks below for the pieces we consider outerwear essentials: hoodies, half-zips, jackets and waterproof outer shells.

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Hoodies and Half-Zips

An essential layer for fall, no matter where you live, is a performance hoodie designed for movement. Cotton hoodies will keep you warm, but as soon as your internal body temperature rises and you start sweating, you’re going to come to appreciate the difference between sweat-wicking fabric and cotton.

Investing in a long-sleeve pullover that’s designed to keep you comfortable during a workout is worthwhile if you love to run, walk and workout outside.

GridLiner Fleece Hoodie

This fleece hoodie is designed to be both comfortable and high-performance, with lululemon’s GridLiner fabric that’s sweat-wicking, dries quickly and made with No-Stink Zinc designed to limit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

lululemon outerwear gridlock fleece hoodie


Metal Vent Tech Midweight Half-Zip

A half-zip is a great layer for outdoor runs, hikes and bike rides because they offer temperature regulation and tend to be lightweight so you can wear them on top of or underneath other layers. This one is seamless to help avoid chafing on long runs, has a slim and warming fit and includes reflective detailing to keep you safe in darker conditions.

lululemon metal vent tech half-zip


Engineered Warmth Jacket

If you live in a particularly cold climate, you’re going to want to focus on pullovers, hoodies and layers designed to give you maximum warmth while still being moisture-wicking. This jacket is made with merino wool, a performance fabric commonly used in hiking socks that’s great for keeping you dry and comfortable while working out outdoors. It’s made with 3D knit textured fabric, has four-way stretch and is naturally thermoregulating as well. It’s full-zip, which makes it easy to take on and pull off if you get too hot.

engineered warmth jacket, lululemon outerwear


Golf Half-Zip

This new jacket from lululemon is designed with golfers in mind, both in its look and performance. It’s water-repellent, lightweight, resistant to abrasions and has Luxtreme underarm gussets for added mobility in your arms for your swing. A concealed pocket on the side is perfect for storing golf tees between holes, and the classic fit leaves a little extra room in the chest and waist for comfort.

golf half-zip, lululemon outerwear


Heavyweight Crepe Long Sleeve Shirt

This new hoodie from lululemon is designed for lounging and recovery, and while it might not be as performance-oriented as other pieces on this list, it’s perfect for staying warm post-workout. It’s made with lululemon’s cotton Pima fabric that’s heavy and still sweat-wicking, so it’ll dry faster than regular cotton and is naturally temperature regulating.

heavyweight cotton sweatshirt, lululemon outerwear


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Jackets and Vests

Once you have your warming base layer, add a jacket on top to give your torso even more protection from the frigid outdoors. lululemon makes great outerwear for winter, ranging from waterproof rain slickers to zip-up down jackets, and we’ve picked a few top-tier ones for investing in this fall.

Expeditionist Jacket

This jacket is made for performance, but possesses clean lines for a suave look paired with joggers for a flight or slacks for work. It’s made with WovenAir mesh fabric that’s breathable and water-repellent, and the four-way stretch makes it easy to layer on top.

expeditionist jacket, lululemon outerwear


Warp Light Packable Jacket

We love a piece that’s packable and this jacket was designed with training outdoors in mind. It has the same WovenAir mesh fabric for breathability and is water-repellent. But the biggest selling point for this jacket? You can pack it into its own back pocket, making storage as easy as possible.

Warp light packable jacket, lululemon outerwear


Sojourn Jacket

This is another new addition to lululemon’s outerwear collection for fall, constructed as a sleek track jacket for running and training outdoors. It’s made with Warpstreme fabric for easy four-way stretch and movement, and has a zipper garage in the neck area to avoid chafing. The classic fit gives you plenty of coverage, and it comes in three neutral colors for easy pairing with shorts, joggers or leggings.

sojourn jacket, lululemon outerwear


Down For It All Hoodie

This is a thicker down hoodie made with water-repellent fabric and is great for colder months and harsher conditions. The lightweight goose down keeps you warm while the Glyde fabric panels help you stretch and move without a lot of unnecessary bulk. It’s designed with a classic shape that falls away from the body for easier layering, and it’s made with a zippered phone sleeve pocket.

down for it all hoodie, lululemon outerwear


Water-Repellent and Waterproof

If you’re running, hiking, biking or training outside and a surprise shower comes? There’s no coming back from that. Once you’re wet, you’re wet, and it can be very hard to dry off in time to finish your workout comfortably. This is why having a waterproof, or at least water-resistant piece of outerwear is crucial. Here are a few from lululemon’s current collection we recommend.

Precipitation Jacket

This jacket lives up to its name, with a waterproof exterior and a crop designed for movement. It’s windproof as well with sealed seams for added protection, but is still breathable so don’t overheat. It has vents built into it for airflow, a cinchable hem for added warmth, and reflective detailing for safety training at night.

precipitation jacket, lululemon outerwear


Fast and Free Windbreaker

Protecting yourself from windchill might be just as important as protection from rain, snow and other moisture while training outdoors. This windbreaker is a favorite piece of ours from lululemon’s outerwear, built with a sleek fit as well as a 360-degree ventilation system. It has SpeedWeave Fabric that stretches with you and bounces back to its shape so you feel as little resistance as possible.

fast and free windbreaker, lululemon outerwear


Cross Chill Jacket

This heavy-duty jacket from lululemon is one of their best pieces of outerwear for cold-weather workouts, because it’s built for both comfort and tough conditions. It’s made with completely waterproof RepelShell fabric, has a plush fleece interior brushed for warmth and is designed for running with four-way stretch.

Cross chill jacket, lululemon outerwear


Water-Repellent Fleece Hiking Vest

This is another great piece of lululemon outerwear designed for comfort that’s also been treated to be water-repellent. The technical fleece fabric has four-way stretch as well as hand pockets for warmth. The collar is extra high for keeping your neck covered, and it’s made with extra room for layering.

water-repellent fleece vest, lululemon outerwear