Do They Look Silly? Of Course! But There’s a Reason the Best Cyclists Wear Bike Shorts

rapha cycling shorts

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Cycling is a tough sport but even tougher is gathering all the right cycling gear to make it as comfortable as possible. Bike shorts are a must-have ticket item that will improve your riding experience enormously. These padded shorts protect your skin from chafing, give you a cushion against the hard saddle or seat, and help keep you warm. Those spandex shorts you’ve seen people wearing that look ridiculous? Yup, those are going to be your new best friend. You might be shy to wear them at first, but once you feel how comfortable they are, you won’t look back.

Men’s bike shorts come in a variety of styles and price points. For the newest cyclist, any pair of padded bike shorts, also known as bibs when the suspenders are attached, will do. For more initiated riders, specific seam lengths, the amount of padding, and preferred brands can all make a difference once you know what works for you.

So check out these best biking shorts and get out there, but don’t forget all your new favorite cycling accessories.


1. Castelli Cento Shorts

Castelli is a well-known cycling brand and for initiated cyclists, a go-to brand. Though they come at a higher price point, these shorts are well padded and an excellent choice for new cyclists because they don’t have the suspenders. They are a great way to get into wearing spandex without fully committing to the look. These shorts feature the Fondo Fit which makes these shorts more relaxed on the seam and an easier fit. A good choice for anyone looking to get into the sport of cycling.

best cycling shorts Courtesy of Castelli


2. Rapha Cycling Bibs

Rapha is one of the best-known cycling brands and their shorts are top of the line. They are well worth the higher price point for comfort and quality. These shorts will last you for many many seasons and are the “bib” style, where the shorts are attached to suspenders to create a more streamlined fit while you’re on your bike. A great investment for those seeking quality cycling products.

Rapha Cycling Bibs Courtesy of Rapha


3. Baleaf Padded Cycling Shorts

These shorts are unique in the sense that they have a leg pocket for your phone. A great added feature to a pair of cycling shorts for those who don’t have anywhere to safely secure their phone during a long ride. These shorts are well padded, moisture-wicking and comfortable. A great pair to wear for many seasons.

Baleaf Padded Cycling Shorts Courtesy of Amazon


4. Santic Cycling Shorts

Another excellent pair of padded cycling shorts, Santic has made a moisture-wicking and comfortable pair of go-to shorts for any athlete. These are 82% nylon and 18% spandex which means they’ll have just enough stretch to keep anyone comfortable. Try these for a month as your rides get longer and your endurance builds.

Santic Cycling Shorts Courtesy of Amazon


5. Sponeed Cycling Shorts

These shorts are a great choice for anyone looking to get on a bike. Padded, soft, and comfortable to wear for more than an hour, these shorts are an excellent way to start to get into cycling clothing. They are 80% polyester and 20% spandex which makes them breathable and stretchy, a must-have combo of material for any pair of good shorts.

Sponeed Cycling Shorts Courtesy of Amazon


6. MAAP Training Bibs

These high-end bibs are Italian made, designed to be the best cycling shorts you’ve ever worn. They may be the priciest shorts on our list, but they are well worth it. Sleek and streamlined, these bibs are designed to take you farther than you ever thought you could go, all while retaining UV protection. Being made with 79% polyamide and 22% elastane, these shorts will last you as long as you can go.

MAAP Training Bibs Courtesy of MAAP


7. ROVO Men’s Cycling Shorts

These ROVO shorts are very comfortable, padded and help keep moisture out of the wrong places. Affordable and durable, these shorts will last you for a few seasons of cycling as you get used to more time in the saddle. These shorts are stretchy, breathable and moisture-wicking which are needed in any pair of reputable cycling shorts.

ROVO Men's Cycling Shorts Courtesy of Amazon


8. Ostroy Nomad Cycling Bibs

These shorts are made by a cool New York City-based company that specializes in unique designs, style and comfort in their clothing. These Italian-made shorts are made with the best materials for the best comfort while riding. With four-way stretch material that makes them moisture-wicking and breathable, these shorts are made with the environment in mind as well as your next great ride.

Ostroy Nomad Cycling Bibs Courtesy of Ostroy


9. Qualidyne Shorts

These shorts are made of an excellent fabric designed to stretch with you as you move and breathe well during the summer months. Padded and comfortable, these shorts are a great way to get into longer rides with friends.

Qualidyne Shorts Courtesy of Amazon


10. Ezrun Mountain Biking Shorts

These shorts are the perfect segue into cycling clothes. A baggier pair of shorts with a pad tucked inside, these provide a great way to transition into more comfortable gear. Looser than a traditional pair of cycling shorts, these will breathe naturally and keep sweat from catching and your legs chafing. These are a great gift for anyone you know who needs a good pair of padded shorts for any type of biking.

Ezrun Mountain Biking Shorts Courtesy of Amazon


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