Hit the Slopes with the Best Snow Pants of the Season

best snow pants for men
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We all love the snow, right? But no one enjoys having a wet butt or pants that refuse to dry, so we’ve rounded up the best snow pants on offer this season. If you’re into skiing, snowboarding, or just sledding, we have a pair of pants for you. But what kind of pants do you need? If you’re into some deep winter skiing or snowboarding on the east coast, a pair of insulated pants will go a long way in keeping you comfortable and ready to hit that cold chairlift again and again. Skiing in sunny California? Perhaps try a pair of lightweight pants that aren’t insulated and don’t forget to check out the latest jackets.

Another factor is ventilation; how much air are you getting? Be sure to check the temps wherever you’re headed and pack accordingly, and a pair of pants with an extra set of pockets never hurts either. If you invest in a good pair of pants that will last you more than one or two seasons, you’ll be not only protecting your bank account but the environment as well. So check out the best snow pants below and get ready to hit the slopes.


1. Outdoor Research x Arcade Belts Carbide Bib Snow Pants

For better coverage and protection, the best snow pants have a bib attachment and suspenders that reach over your shoulders and keep your torso insulated as well. This is the marking of a brilliantly engineered snow pant, and one that can’t be missed for a cold season. Made from waterproof nylon, these pants are lightweight and will keep you out on the slopes for longer than a regular pair of pants. Best for colder temps and longer days on the mountain.

best snow pants - Outdoor Research x Arcade Belts Carbide Bib Snow Pants REI


2. Picture Organic Clothing Yakoumo Snow Bibs

Made with a Teflon Eco-lite material, the outer layer will keep you dry and warm from the cold elements this winter season. With two layers of insulation, you won’t regret purchasing these bibs that will keep your torso warm and dry. An inner thigh zipper offers ventilation when you want it and the removable bib and suspenders make it a great choice for those who are intent on doing multiple activities throughout the day.

best snow pants - Picture Organic Clothing Yakoumo Snow Bibs REI


3. Men’s Exposure Gore-Tex Paclite Snow Pant

A great pair for colder days on the slopes, these Exposure pants are breathable and lightweight, ready to keep you protected from the elements. Made from a Gore-Tex Paclite stretch material, these will be the lightest, most packable pants you buy all season. With zippered pockets to store your needs on the slopes from keys to snacks, these pants also have a loop on the heel to secure them to your boots, preventing any snow from attacking your feet.

Men's Exposure Gore-Tex Paclite Stretch Pant Courtesy of Mountain Hardware

4. Black Diamond Dawn Patrol Pants

Black Diamond is a reputable snow and ski brand and these pants for the winter season are sure to please. Made from a waterproof, breathable fabric, they’ll keep you dry and heading for the slope again and again as the day goes on. With a suspender strap hitching the pants up, you’ll be sure no snow will get in from the waist up and you’ll be kept dry as the sun disappears over the mountain.

Black Diamond Dawn Patrol Snow Pant with suspenders Courtesy of Black Diamond


5. The North Face Men’s Freedom Insulated Pant

Made from a DryVent insulated material, these snow pants will keep you warm all season long. With multiple pockets and straps to cling to your boots, you won’t be losing anything while you’re on the slopes. With adjustable waist loops for comfort and plenty of ventilation in the thighs, you’ll be warm and dry at the same time. These pants come in a variety of colors, so if you’re into a louder style, these are the pants for you.

The North Face Men's Freedom Insulated Snow Pant Courtesy of Backcountry


6. The North Face Men’s Freedom Bibs

Another great pair of bibs are here for the winter season. The North Face has made a comfortable pair of snow pants that breathe and keep your torso insulated for the cold day ahead. At a lower price point than other competitors, the North Face offers a great alternative for the winter season.

The North Face Men's Freedom Bibs Courtesy of The North Face


7. Flylow Firebird Bib Snow Pants

With a three-layer insulating material, you’ll be toasty in these Firebird snow bibs, not to mention stylin’. With a polyester fabric to keep you warm, these bibs have multiple pockets, articulated knee boxes, and a soft jersey backing for extra comfort. These bibs will have you on the slopes all day long.

Flylow Firebird Bib Snow Pants REI


8. Burton Reserve Bib Pants

Another classic favorite of the snowboard and ski world, Burton has a great pair of bibs on offer for the new season. Insulated and comfortable, you’ll be on the slopes all day with these bibs. Made from a two-layer Dryride shell, these bibs are breathable and waterproof. With a Living Lining inside material, a fine mesh maintains a constant temperature regulation so you don’t sweat from the inside.

burton reserve bib pants Courtesy of REI


9. Patagonia Powder Bowl Pants

Patagonia is a go-to choice for those of us who are into recycled fabrics, and these pants are exactly that. Made from 100% recycled polyester Gore-Tex material, these pants sit on your waist comfortably and are waterproof and best for all conditions. Pack these pants for a long day out on the slopes or for a snowy mountain hike.

Patagonia blue snow pants Courtesy of REI


10. Obermeyer Force Snow Pants

Made from a HydroBlock Pro polyester material, these insulated snow pants will keep you as dry as a desert while you’re shredding the slopes. With the first layer being a durable waterproof repellent, you can tackle the harder slopes and not worry about falling into a waistfull of snow. Being dry after a fall is a game changer when it comes to the slopes, and these Obermeyer Force Pants will see to it that you are.

Obermeyer Force Snow Pants (insulated black snow pant) Courtesy of REI