The Most Comfortable Bike Seats to Keep You Riding into the Sunset

most comfortable bike seat
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If you’ve been on an uncomfortable bike saddle, you know how much it hurts. Did it make you not want to ride a bike again? Bike seats come in so many different shapes and sizes, so it’s pretty easy to find one that’s right for you. Even if you’re a recreational cyclist, a commuter, or riding on the weekends to far-out places, we have a few comfortable bike seats for you.

But first things first. What makes a good bike seat? Everyone has a preference for width, and the style of riding correlates to the style of seat. If you have a sweet cruiser for the beach, a big banana seat will be the most comfortable. If you’re commuting to work, a slimmer, lighter saddle is best. The people wearing spandex have a whole separate issue about width and length and the size of their sit bones, and we’ll get into that a bit later.

The angle and size of the seat also depend on how upright your handlebars are. If you’re sitting in a chair-like position, your seat will most likely be more comfortable. And if you’re hunched over, reaching for your handlebars in a more aerodynamic position, you need a slimmer seat to support your body.

So determine what type of riding you like to do the most and then check out our list of the most comfortable bike seats below!


1. Giddy Up! Memory Foam Bike Seat


If you’re into a comfortable cruise or a sweet commute, having memory foam under your rear will greatly enhance your riding experience. Soft and cushy enough for a longer ride, users of this seat won’t want to stop riding. If you’ve experienced discomfort on a hard saddle, then try the memory foam for a better ride. Keep the aches and pains away with a wider seat that will distribute your weight in more places, making for a smoother ride.

Giddy Up! Memory Foam Bike Seat Courtesy of Amazon


2. Blue Wind Waterproof Bike Seat


The Blue Wind seat is a wider choice and is great for beach cruisers or a ride in the park. If you want to stay comfortable and not feel like you’re sitting on a hard piece of wood, then try this comfortable bike seat that’s also waterproof. Enjoy a ride in the rain and don’t worry about ruining your seat, it won’t crack with use from water and exposure. Wider seats are more comfortable for leisurely rides because of the thickness, wider rear portion of the seat, and the springs on the bottom. Reduce shock with the Blue Wind waterproof bike seat and enjoy your time outside.

Blue Wind Waterproof Bike Seat Courtesy of Amazon


3. Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat


The Bikeroo seat is an excellent option for indoor cyclists who don’t want to sweat it out on a rock-hard seat. Large, cushioned and overly wide, this comfortable bike seat is as comfy as they come and is compatible with the Peloton bike or a road bike. Swap out your saddle if you’re inside for the day and remain as comfortable as possible, so you end up riding longer.

Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat Courtesy of Amazon


4. GRM Mountain Bike Seat


If you’re looking to cruise the trails and stay outdoors, then the GRM seat may be the right choice for you. Compatible with mountain bikes and road bikes, this extra wide and comfortable bike seat is great for absorbing the shock you’ll find on the trail. Even as you ride over rocks and small roots, stay comfortable with the GRM bike seat. Made from memory foam, this seat is designed to make longer rides more comfortable, especially on hard trails.

GRM Mountain Bike Seat Courtesy of Amazon


5. Bikeroo Padded Saddle


This saddle from Bikeroo is a bit more aerodynamic, which makes it a comfortable bike seat that is perfecot for commuters. If you’re looking to pick up the pace but still keep it comfortable, then a slimmer, more padded seat is a good option. Let your legs do the work and quit the squirming on your daily ride. With a slimmer seat, you’ll remain in a better position, which will make you faster on your ride to work, and who doesn’t love a shorter commute?

Bikeroo Padded Saddle Courtesy of Amazon


6. Fizik Argo Tempo R5 Saddle


If you’re more of a road cyclist, then a slimmer saddle is the best choice for you. Keep it lightweight and as aero as possible to improve your ride, not to mention staying in line with your bike. You don’t want the saddle to be reaching out wider than your actual bike frame, otherwise, it doesn’t maintain the aerodynamic flow that you’ll need for a speedy ride. The Fizik Argo Tempo R5 saddle is a great choice for any new cyclist. It has a gap in the middle to release heat and keep your sit bones comfortable. When testing out new saddles, be sure to do a long ride in one to see how it fits. With a short nose design, this comfortable bike seat will keep you supported and the shell’s edge will flex to adapt to your inner leg movements. This saddle will help improve your riding posture as well as keep you comfortable on a longer ride.

Fizik Argo Tempo R5 Saddle Courtesy of Amazon


7. Planet Bike A.R.S. Seat


This comfortable bike seat is a versatile saddle for the indoor and outdoor enthusiast who enjoys riding outside in the nice weather and inside when it’s a little too chilly out. Easy to replace on every bike you own, be it a road bike or a Peloton for the indoors, this saddle is a comfortable yet aerodynamic seat for riders of all abilities. Keep your exercise routine going strong with a saddle that is fit for all types of riding.

Planet Bike A.R.S. Seat Courtesy of Amazon


8. Balugoe Bike Seat


The Balugoe bike seat is a gender-neutral seat that can be used on road bikes and mountain bikes. Keep your body moving through the seasons even if you change bikes because you can take your seat with you. It has a deep cut through the center of the seat to release heat and is waterproof, making it a great choice for mountain bikers who want to hit the trail even with a rainy forecast.

Balugoe Bike Seat Courtesy of Amazon