Mr. Porter Sportswear Jumps into the Golf Game with Classic, High End Gear

mr porter golf colllection
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Mr. Porter, the luxury fashion brand for style-forward young men, is bringing its modern, retro vibe to the golf course. It’s the first time Mr. Porter has brought its brand to the links, but the new fits certainly maintain the brand identity of the 10-year-old online retailer. Comprised of 23 pieces to cover the young golfer from head to foot, the new golf collection sticks to a summer aesthetic with predominantly bright colors with occasional pattern flares.

For younger golfers, or dapper golfers of all ages, Mr. Porter’s golf collection is full of stylish golf shorts, polos and golf shoes that will make an excellent impression at the local country club. The first Mr. Porter golf collection was officially released earlier this summer. We asked a representative for Mr. Porter if further golf collections were coming in the future, but we were told no decisions have been made yet.

Mr Porter Golf Apparel Courtesy of Mr Porter

About the Mr. Porter Golf Line

Whether the buyer is looking for ready-to-wear pants, shirts, accessories or footwear, the new Mr. P line covers the bases – if we’re allowed to mix our sports references. Whether it’s a traditional golf polo or a pair of on-course shorts, the clothing items feature comfortable cuts, familiar lines, smart details and good build quality.

The golf items are created to work with each other to form a sort of Mr. P golfer’s uniform. As a result, it’s possible for you to tee it up on #1 dressed top to bottom in Mr. Porter wear. That might make you a bit of a walking billboard, but it would be a mighty fine-looking billboard.

Mr Porter golf shorts Courtesy of Mr Porter

No matter what item you’re eyeing in the Mr. Porter golf world, from the simple cap to the traditional, but effective golf shoes, the feel is bright, traditional and dignified. In an era when some golf brands are leaning ultra-casual or outright tacky in an effort to recruit younger players into the game and its clothing, the new Mr. P products have an almost retro preppy feel about them. That’s not a bad idea for a game in which top country clubs not only demand collared shirts but also long pants and tucked-in shirt tales. Plus, preppy clothing is very much on-trend of late.

While a few of the 23 selections offer a darker color alternative either as solid fields or tartan patterns, most of the Mr. Porter golf offerings are bright, a pastel of clean white displays — ready for summer wear off the course or in the club after the round.

mr porter golf shoes Courtesy of Mr Porter

The Mr. P designers looked to pack in top-shelf build quality in all of the new golf items, including those links elements not usually associated with Mr. Porter fashion. The addition of spiked golf shoes and soft leather golf gloves — both considered essential sports gear on any course — to a fashion-centric collection of pants and polos is a new direction for Mr. P. Still, the company stands behind those very specific golf items with the same confidence as their more familiar clothing options.

mr porter golf gloves Courtesy of Mr Porter

If there’s a quibble to be made, it’s that the clothing items are cut to a specific fit. Less fashion-conscious brands within the golf clothing world tend to lean into a looser fit to allow more freedom of movement for a wider range of body types within a given size. More elite and fashionable golf wear lines like these from Mr. P are cut to a more tailored fit, so the buyer needs to get his sizing correct to get a hold of the most comfortable items.

The Mr. P golf collection is now on sale via the Mr. Porter online store. In addition to the new Mr. Porter house golf line, you can also find golf apparel from Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren and other menswear brands for sale.