This $100 Multitool is The Only Gadget You Will Need in The Great Outdoors

multitool man outdoors
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* 19 tools you never knew you needed
* Leathermen’s multitool for the rugged outdoorsmen
* Includes a saw, scissors and screwdrivers 

Every outdoorsman knows they can’t leave the house without their Swiss army knife or a handy pocket knife. And because multitools have expanded their variety of tools, there are now many that can offer so much more than just cutting capabilities. Leathermen’s Super Tool 300 aims to be the only gadget you need in the great outdoors, with 19 tools integrated into the stainless steel design, there are endless options for manipulation as each tool is crafted to solve a specific problem. You never know when you will need wire cutters when stranded on the side of the highway or a pair of pliers that are their strongest to date and may save you in an emergency situation. This multitool is a bit on the pricy side, yes, but it really is the all-in-one gadget that should remain on your hip during your next camping excursion, road trip and nature trek—your friends will thank you.

Leatherman Stainless Steel multitool Courtesy of Amazon

Let’s start with the sloped-top handle design meant to fit in small places when attacking mechanical problems or prying something out of a tricky spot. Then we have a set of removable wire cutters (hard, regular and standard) that let you detach them for easier manipulation when tackling bike mechanisms and faulty car parts. We love the wood and metal file tool for shaving down materials while wood-working and the variety of screwdrivers that can be used on a handful of screws, offering the user enough options to get them out of many sticky situations. The crowning glory is the saw feature that lets you cut through different densities of wood in order to manipulate building projects and cut off spare parts when crafting something wood-based. There is also a handful of knives to choose from whether you need to cut a piece of fruit, open stubborn packaging and shave wood to build the perfect fire. Electricians will appreciate the wire and plier tools for nitty gritty jobs that demand a quality tool to fasten, cut and secure important electrical parts.

The brand offers its consumers a 25-year warranty so you are covered in case there is a defect or something is compromised with the multitool. For anyone who wants to invest in a multifunctional gadget that can keep up with even the most aggressive woodsmen and urban handymen alike, this multitool is the secret weapon to store in your back pocket.

Leatherman Stainless Steel multitool Courtesy of Amazon