Camp in Comfort With This Portable Bunk Bed

DiscoBed BunkBed
Image courtesy of Target

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* This bunk bed is collapsible and easily fits in a canvas bag
* No additional tools are required for assembly
* Also great for accommodating house guests 

Now that summer’s finally here, camping is a great getaway choice for nature lovers. But while it may be fun to sleep outdoors, most of us don’t want to throw out our backs by sleeping on the hard ground night after night. DiscoBed has created a portable bunk bed, so you and your family or friends can sleep in comfort wherever your journeys take you. This multi-functional product also comes with adapters so that the bunk bed can be converted into a bench during the day.

The bottom cot is elevated 12 in. off the ground, creating extra storage space under the bed. The bed collapses easily, requiring no additional tools, and it fits snugly into a zippered canvas bag. Its anti-rust steel frame is sturdy and easily adjusts to uneven ground for maximal comfort. Each cot can support a weight of up to 500 lbs, and the wider sleeping decks can adjust to your body shape, so there’s no need for an additional mattress.

Not only useful for camping, you can pull the cot out if you need to create room for extra guests, or if you’re kids want to spend a night of adventure sleeping under the stars.

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