Top Up Your Tan from the Comfort of an Oversized Beach Towel

oversized beach towels
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Throughout our day-to-day lives, we come into contact with various sizes of towels, such as hand towels in the bathroom, slightly larger ones at the gym, a wrap-around for showers and your trusty kitchen side-kick for drying the dishes, too. Choosing the size of towel that’s the right size for its purpose is crucial to getting the best user experience. Sand in between your toes can be idyllic, but sand up amongst your swimwear, all over your towel and in your hair is not. To ensure you have plenty of space to spread out and keep the sand where it belongs, get yourself one the best oversized beach towels.

Oversized beach towels have numerous benefits, including:

Multi-Use – Having a generously sized towel can be useful in more locations than just the beach. They’re great for better coverage on a sun lounger, claiming your space near the pool, doubling as a picnic blanket or being your part-time yoga mat, too.

Absorbency – You’ll find most oversized beach towels are made from microfiber or cotton for their drying abilities. Microfiber is particularly effective, as it can absorb up to nine times its weight. This material is also a smart choice for beach lovers as a quick shake will get rid of any sand crystals thanks to the millions of non-grip fibers.

Protection – Ground surfaces, such as sand and pavement, can get extremely hot in direct sunlight. Putting a towel down to sit, stand or lay on creates a protective barrier for your skin. Similarly, these towels are great for avoiding dirt marks on your clothes and increasing the comfort of uneven areas.

Sharing – Standard towels are hardly big enough for one person, let alone two. Oversized beach towels are usually around 35 by 70 inches, which makes them generously sized for solo use or adequate for allowing two people to sit side by side, too.

An oversized beach towel will provide comfort and space for most people to fully stretch out and tan in all areas. It’s advised that you wash your new towel at least once prior to using it to avoid any fluff transferring onto you or the ground.

We’ve pulled together 12 of the best oversized beach towels available to order online. We’ve included a range of colors, designs and materials, but all are larger than the average towel for a better beach experience.


1. Laguna Beach Textile Company Oversized Towel


Made purely of cotton and priced under $40, the Laguna Beach Textile Company Oversized Towel is a premium product with a very appealing price tag. It measures 70 by 35 inches, is highly absorbent and also super soft. Plus, the 630GSM thickness is more than double that of some competitors, providing a luxurious feel and impressive durability. This towel is available in nine different color combinations.

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2. MIMITOOU Oversized Beach Towel


With over 1,000 reviews and a five-star rating on Amazon, the MIMITOOU Oversized Beach Towel is fantastic value for money. Despite its low price tag, this towel is made of high-quality microfiber designed for quick drying and breathability to avoid odor. It’s available in medium or large, both of which are oversized in comparison to a standard beach towel. To maintain the best quality, do not wash this towel with fabric softeners.

mimitoou beach touch Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Touchat Oversized Beach Towel


Complete with a small travel pouch, the 30 by 60-inch Touchat Oversized Beach Towel is ideal for travel. It features a colorful cactus print that has been digitally created in high definition to prevent fading. Although it’s made from flexible microfiber, this towel is still thicker than many other styles at 300GSM. And, if you don’t like the colorful cactus design, it’s also available in two other prints.

touchat beach towel Image courtesy of Amazon


4. DECOMEN Oversized Beach Towel


The DECOMEN Oversized Beach Towel is available in a range of holiday-inspired designs. At 25 by 73 inches, it’s slightly narrower than some other oversized beach towels, but it is still as long as expected, making it ideal for sunbeds and laying out on the sand. Made of luxury microfiber, this towel is extremely quick-drying and can fold down to 30% of the size needed to store more traditionally shaped towels.

decomen beach towel Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Cabanana Oversized Beach Towel


Available in red, white and blue, the Cabanana Oversized Beach Towel features stripes and sharks. It’s made from 100% American combed cotton and is topped with velour for an extra soft touch. Although it’s color fixed to avoid fading, you’ll want to wash the new towel before use to avoid linting. Furthermore, the hems are double stitched to prevent fraying and ensure this will be your go-to beach towel for years to come.

cabanana large oversized beach towel Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Great Bay Home Oversized Beach Towel


For a fun and functional towel, choose the pineapple printed Great Bay Home Oversized Beach Towel. It measures 40 by 71 inches and is made of 100% quality cotton. The extra-large sizing and luxurious material selection make this towel a little heavier than others, but it is extremely comfortable. It’s also available in four dual-color variations, which are all reversible for an inverted design.

great bay home beach towel Image courtesy of Amazon


7. L.L.Bean. Seaside Beach Towel


This Seaside Beach Towel is exclusive to L.L.Bean. and measures 36 by 68 inches. Its striped blue design is reversible and features a large brand logo in the top left corner. To ensure the rich colors last, the ring-spun cotton material from which it’s made is dyed rather than printed. We love that this towel comes with all the satisfaction guarantees you’ve come to expect from L.L.Bean.

seaside beach towel Image courtesy of L.L.Bean


8. NovForth Oversized Beach Towel


Complete your vacation look with a NovForth Oversized Beach Towel. This particular towel features a tropical banana leaf print with occasional toucans, but there are many other colorful patterns to choose from. Not only is this towel well-suited for aesthetic reasons, but it’s also made of microfiber, making it very compact when folded and ideal for carrying in your beach bag. Plus, it’s available in a slightly smaller model should you determine that you don’t really need an oversized beach towel.

oversized beach towels novforth microfiber Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Zeronal Oversized Beach Towel


Featuring a detailed mandala design, the Zeronal Oversized Beach Towel is a tasteful, Bohemian choice. Its round shape, which makes it totally unique, measures 59 inches across including the tassels. That means it’s big enough for two people to sit comfortably side by side on it. And, at only 1.25 pounds in weight, this towel is great for folding up in your bag and taking on your travels.

oversized beach towels zeronal large round microfiber Image courtesy of Amazon


10. OCOOPA Oversized Beach Towel


At 57 by 82 inches, the OCOOPA Oversized Beach Towel is extra-large, even for an oversized towel. The sea-inspired design, which features waves and whales, makes it suited to the beach. But there are four other prints available, too, if waves and whales aren’t your style. Made from a polyester and nylon mix, this towel is machine washable, but air-drying is recommended. To ensure customer satisfaction, OCOOPA offers 30 days returns.

oversized beach towels ocoopa microfiber Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Welhome Oversized Beach Towel


The Welhome Oversized Beach Towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton. They feature a striped design and are available in more than 25 colorful designs. In terms of size, these towels each measure 40 by 72 inches. At 450GSM, these quality beach accessories have been combed to remove any tarnished fibers and to ensure the best absorbency as well as a luxurious finish.

oversized beach towels welhome cabana Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Slowtide Hapa Oversized Beach Towel


If you opt for eco-friendly products, as you should, consider the Slowtide Hapa Oversized Beach Towel. It’s made from 100% recycled cotton and measures 40 by 70 inches. The colorful, plant-inspired design will make it easy to spot your towel when you’re heading out of the water and back to your base. This towel makes a great gift and offers gift wrapping at the point of purchase as an added bonus.

oversized beach towels Image courtesy of Nordstrom


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