Patagonia’s Untethered Kit is a Minimalist Backpacker’s Dream

Patagonia Untethered Kit
Courtesy of Patagonia

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When venturing into the outdoors, it’s always important to be prepared. However, sometimes you need way less gear than you think. Packing a smaller, simpler bag frees up your physical and mental capacity for soaking up your surroundings, and may even allow you to go deeper without worrying that you forgot the tent poles or bug spray at the campsite. That’s why Patagonia created the Untethered Kit.

Patagonia Untethered Kit

patagonia untethered kit Courtesy of Patagonia


Patagonia’s Untethered Kit consists of four parts: their Wood Burning Stove, a QuantuMiiR Pot, their Lightweight Sleeping Bag and 30L Middle Fork Pack for carrying it all with you. It’s designed to minimize the amount of stuff you’re carrying so you’re not weighed down and can fully “go deep” with your natural surroundings. Each piece of the kit is technically sold separately, so we’re going to break them all down below.

Part I: The Wood Burning Stove

The Wood Burning Stove is a minimalist’s dream, as it’s designed lightweight, collapsible and runs on deadfall as its fuel. It’s made of stainless steel and allows you to untether yourself from the limits that gas fuel can present. It’s super easy to cook with and seamless to bring with you from campsite to campsite.

Patagonia wood burning stove, patagonia untethered kit Courtesy of Patagonia


Part II: QuantuMiir Pot

This pot is designed to pair with the Wood Burning Stove, and is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel so it can handle the rugged outdoors. It’s got a built-in QuantuMiir heat exchanger that makes you backcountry cooking system that much more efficient. It allows for maximum airflow to cut down on cooking time and fuel use. It’s got a silicone lid to prevent spillage and it nests compactly within the stove so the whole thing takes up minimal space.

QuantuMiir Pot Courtesy of Patagonia


Part III: Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Since you’ll need a place to snooze, Patagonia included a sleeping bag in their minimalist kit. It’s lightly insulated, so it’s perfect for wearing over your outerwear on warm nights or underneath another sleeping bag for added warmth. The 10-denier shell can pack down super small and the 40-gram PrimaLoft Gold insulation has Cross Core technology that provides warmth. The construction is hardware-free and there’s a stuff sack included for storage and transport.

Patagonia lightweight sleeping bag Courtesy of Patagonia


Part IV: Patagonia 30L Middle Fork Pack

Lastly, this pack carries everything you need inside without weighing you down, and is made with climbing-harness-inspired shoulder straps that are minimalist and versatile. It’s got all the features you need without any of the fluff you don’t. The 210-denier shell fabric has a PU-coated backer for standing up to abrasion and the elements. The harness is foam-free and breathable, reducing bulk and impact on the planet. The spindrift closure allows the bag to be overstuffed or stuffed down when needed, and it’s got a lash-point system that you can customize based on your outdoor excursion.

patagonia middle fork pack, Patagonia untethered kit Courtesy of Patagonia