Personalized Golf Balls Won’t Improve Your Drive, But They’ll Make the Game Way More Enjoyable

Titleist Pro V1 personalized golf balls
Courtesy of Amazon

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Whether to buy for yourself or for another golfer among your family and friends, there are few things cooler than playing golf with personalized golf balls.

Sure, they offer zero competitive advantage over our favorite golf balls, but that doesn’t mean personalization is totally pointless.

First, personalized golf balls will never be mistaken for someone else’s golf balls. If they have your name or face on them, you’ll never accidentally play the wrong ball again, or, worse, have someone else play your ball. Further, nobody will ever steal them because you can unequivocally prove they’re yours.

Second, depending on what kind of personalization you go for, personalized golf balls can be so much easier to track during the game. Anybody who’s ever played with the sun rising knows that a well-struck ball off the tee pretty much disappears in the sky on a sunny day. But if you’re playing with a bright blue or red ball with your name on it, that is going to seriously stand out on the fairway or even in the rough.

Third, personalized golf balls are some of our favorite gifts for golfers. They’re also great gift ideas for dads, too.

Fourth, and bringing us back to the first reason we mentioned, personalized golf balls can up a player’s enjoyment of the game — because they’rere just plain fun. And if you need a reason beyond that, we can’t help you.

For all those simple reasons, we’ve rounded up some great options for personalized golf balls below. There are specialty sites, such as Vice Golf, our top pick, as well as Amazon options and picks from sports retailers and the golf ball makers themselves. So whatever level player you are or whatever kind of design you envisioned for the personalized golf balls, you’ll be able to find an option that fits your needs.

So instead of spending a big chunk of change on another club that might, but probably won’t, improve your game and go for some personalized golf balls. We promise you, or anyone to whom you gift the balls will be the envy of everyone in the group hitting the course that day.


1. Vice Golf Personalized Golf Balls


This is an easy one. Hands down, the best place to buy personalized golf balls online is Vice Golf. Not only can Vice print any image, logo or text onto the balls, but it offers multiple different kinds of high-quality balls and a big discount on high volume purchases. (And Vice’s golf balls themselves are fantastic on their own.) Rookies should go for the Vice Golf Drive Ball, the Vice Golf Tour Ball is more for intermediate skilled players and the Vice Golf Pro Ball, naturally, is for advanced golfers, with a dozen of each ball more expensive than the previous.

Vice Golf Drive Golf Ball Courtesy of Vice Golf

Vice Golf Tour Golf Ball Courtesy of Vice Golf

Vice Golf Pro Golf Ball Courtesy of Vice Golf


2. Titleist 2020 Tour Soft Personalized Golf Balls


Though you can’t use a logo when customizing the Titleist 2020 Tour Soft Personalized Golf Balls, they’re high-quality name-brand balls and offer plenty of other personalization options. You can choose from a variety of colors for easy tracking off the tee and you get three lines of text, 17 characters per line.

Titleist 2020 Tour Soft Personalized Golf Ball Courtesy of Golf Galaxy


3. Titleist Pro V1 Personalized Golf Balls


If you’re a two handicap and want only the best personalized golf balls, pick up a dozen Titleist Pro V1 Personalized Golf Balls. Not only do you get a pro-level golf ball, but you can customize it with text or an image as you like. Users said the images came out great too, so you can count on a quality ball and a quality print too, so whatever problems you have on the links, at least you’ll have a top-notch personalized ball.

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Titleist Pro V1 Personalized Golf Balls + Box Courtesy of Amazon


4. Wilson Staff DUO Soft+ Personalized Golf Balls


Though off-brand golf balls are frequently cheaper than name-brand balls, there’s a reason the name-brand balls continue to be the most popular. They’re simply better quality. They last longer and fly farther and more reliably. But with great golf balls comes a higher sticker price, especially for personalized golf balls. But the Wilson Staff DUO Soft+ Golf Balls strike a good balance. You get the personalization you want via a logo or text at a really affordable price for 12 custom balls.

Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls with personalization Courtesy of Wilson


5. Meihuaao Personalized Golf Balls


If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution for personalized golf balls, go for the Meihuaao Personalized Golf Balls. Yes, that’s a random brand manufacturer, but users back the balls up, saying they hit well enough and that the customization looked great for the value.

Meihuaao Personalized Golf Balls with red, green and blue text Courtesy of Amazon


6. Infusion Personalized Name & Initial Golf Balls


If you don’t have an image or graphic to use but don’t want to settle for text only, these Infusion Personalized Name & Initial Golf Balls have pre-rendered logos to use. You just pick the name or the initials and Infusion will print a custom logo on the balls.

Infusion Personalized Name Initial Golf Balls Courtesy of Amazon


7. TaylorMade Distance + Logo Personalized Golf Balls


For a highly rated favorite on Amazon, check out the TaylorMade Distance + Logo Personalized Golf Balls. Not only are TaylorMade balls some of the best golf balls out there anywhere on the hole, users praised the personalization for its print quality. However, some users did say the logo came out smaller than expected and the text came out bigger than expected, even if they were printed accurately.

So as long as you’re not super picky about the size of your personalization, these golf balls could make for a pretty affordable purchase, especially when you consider the quality of the ball too.

TaylorMade Distance Logo Personalized Golf Balls with text, image, logo Courtesy of Amazon


8. Titleist 2019 TruFeel Personalized Golf Balls


If colors are important for your personalized golf balls, go for the Titleist 2019 TruFeel Personalized Golf Balls. Though you can’t add an image or logo, you can add three lines of text and choose from one of five colors, red, green, blue, pink and black. Plus, even though this is a 2019 Titleist ball, it’s still high quality and it costs a lot less than more modern versions.

Titleist 2019 TruFeel Personalized Golf Balls Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods


Also Consider: Custom Made Personalized Golf Tees


Dedicated players know that bespoke golf equipment doesn’t stop with personalized golf balls, or custom-fitted clubs, or custom golf shoes. Even your golf tees can be personalized when you pick up a few Custom Made Golf Events Personalized Golf Tees. You can choose the color of the tees and a name to have engraved to match the personalized golf balls. We should also note that you will likely get way more bang for your buck out of these personalized golf tees because 50 should last you a long time.

Custom Made Golf Events Personalized Golf Tees Courtesy of Amazon


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