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The Pokémon Center Just Released an Adorable Gardening Collection

The Pokémon Center just released a whole bunch of goodies for fans any grass-type fans of Pokémon out there. No, I don’t mean fans of grass-type Pokémon. Well those too, but I mean Poké fans who identify with grass-type. A whole new collection of Pokémon garden tools and accessories has been revealed and they are straight fire. Well, I guess they’re straight grass.

Fourteen new pieces of merchandise have been added to the Pokémon Center’s website—the official online store for Pokémon. Among these, you’ll find an adorable set of wind chimes to hang outside, some planters featuring your favorite little guys, gardening gloves, and more. We’ve pulled out some of our favorites but be sure to check out the full collection.


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These adorable leaf-green gardening gloves feature illustrations of some fan-favorite grass-type Pokémon like Celebi, Bulbasaur, and Maractus (though of course, Pikachu snuck his way on there, but that’s okay because we love him). The gloves have grippy palms to hold onto your tools, allow for flexible movement with your hands, and even have a smartphone-compatible finger tip.


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This medium-sized planter is made of weather-resistant terra-cotta stoneware and features the irresistible and best starter Pokémon, Bulbasaur. Yeah, I went there. It’s suited for both indoor or outdoor use and has a drain hole on the bottom.


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This set of outdoor wind chimes has a classic look to them but upon close inspection, you’ll recognize the silhouettes of friends like Pikachu, Oddish, and more alongside its aluminum rods. A gentle breeze or a close-by wild Pidgeot using the move Gust will create soothing and lively sounds for nearby listeners.


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Lawn gnomes? Those are out. Lawn Pokémon is in. Eevee has been a fringe favorite that got an overdue boost up to the top of everyone’s top fives thanks to the release of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! This statue is approximately 12″ tall and 14″ wide, each is handpainted, and the Eevee is wearing a little, purple witch’s hat. How cute is that?