I Will Never Go into a Pool Without This Inflatable Book Jacket Again

floating book jacket inflatable pools
Inflatable pool book jacket
Urban Outfitters
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* A must-have for your summer reading
* Prevents your books from getting wet (or sinking into the water)
* Holds books or magazines (and deflates for easy storage)

If you’ve been hearing California Dreamin’ in your head all winter, whether holed up in a brownstone beneath the dreaded polar vortex (thanks for nothing, weakening Arctic sea ice!) or waiting out the torrential rains in actual California, where the skies have been just as gray as in the song, April is good news, since it means the season of sun and swimming pools is finally on its way.

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3 years
I'll be the sucker who let's this thing sink and drown my book lmao

TS Eliot said April was the cruelest month, but then again he was wrong about a lot of things, as Groucho Marx famously pointed out. Chaucer, a much funnier poet, had nothing but praise for the month of April and the sweetness of spring. Being stuck in the 14th century though, spring was for him the season of making a pilgrimage to try and get away from the plague. Also, unfortunately for them, there was rarely anywhere to go swimming in 14th century Canterbury. Luckily, in 2019 we can enjoy swimming pools, and best of all, we don’t have to give up our intellectual pleasures to do so. Now you can even get a life-jacket for your books.

3 years
I’ll be the sucker who let’s this thing sink and drown my book lmao
Inflatable Book JacketCourtesy Urban Outfitters

Inflatable Book Jacket


If you’re a bookish type who also enjoys laying out by the pool, this is not some contradiction of stereotypes. Indeed, Los Angeles is the land of swimming pools and beach days but that hardly makes it “shallow.” This $20 inflatable book jacket is perfect for bringing some depth to your summer pool lounging, letting your summer reading safely float along with you. Read “The White Album” while making like a figure in a David Hockney picture, or take Emma Cline’s “The Girls” into the hot tub with you, and enjoy proving that you can still have that bookish intellectual charm in your swimwear.

Inflate the “book jacket” and tuck in the pages to safely bring your reading into the pool or lake. When you’re done, deflate the floatie for easy packing until your next day out. Measures 16” x 0.2” x 11.5” to fit most books and magazines.

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