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Set Up and Break Down Your Bonfire in No Time Flat With the Pop-Up Fire Pit

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Campsite or beach, tailgate or backyard, regardless of the season, hanging out by a roaring fire makes any day or evening better. But as great as fire pits are, they’re not exactly known for their portability. Short of joining a torchlight mob, the downside of fire is, you can’t take it with you.

So how does a truly portable fire pit which weighs a grand total of 8 pounds; burns wood, charcoal, or paraffin wax logs; assembles in 60 seconds with no tools; and holds up to 125 pounds sound? To us, it sounds like buying the Pop-Up Fire Pit means you can retire those torches for good.

The portability is the real key here. The Pop-Up Fire Pit folds down smaller than a camp chair and fits into the included carrying bag, and at 8 pounds it’s easily slung over your shoulder along with your other camping gear. But once unfolded, it boasts a 24″ x 24″ burn area, big enough to get a good roaring blaze going. And after the party’s over and the fire’s out, no matter how hot it was or how long it burned, the 6061 aluminum alloy body cools down in just 90 seconds, so you can pack it up and head out quickly.

That goes for charcoal fires too, because the Pop-Up Fire Pit also makes a great grill. Pop on the optional grilling grates, and throw on the burgers and dogs. You can run the BBQ station by day, then take off the grates and add wood for the evening bonfire and marshmallow roasting.

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The elevated base means that with the Pop-Up Fire Pit, unlike stationary outdoor fire pits, yesterday’s downpour isn’t going to spoil your plans. You’re guaranteed a dry burn area regardless of the weather. And with the 3.5″ sides keeping the fire contained, and the stainless steel fire mesh holding in the cinders and ash while allowing for perfect airflow, this unit exceeds Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management regulations for fire pans.

The Pop-Up Fire Pit is made by Fireside Outdoor, a family-owned business out of Phoenix, Arizona. They guarantee the fire mesh for 50 fires or one year, after which replacements can be purchased for $19.95. Heat and weight will stretch the mesh over time, but each replacement is backed by the same guarantee of 50 fires or one year. Fireside Outdoor also sells an optional heat shield, which is a great addition to protect your grass or asphalt.

At just under $100, this is a great deal. Competing units can go for as much as $300, and deliver roughly the same or even lesser results. Considering the portability, ease of use, and manufacturer backing, the Pop-Up Fire Pit is a superior choice to heat up your outdoor parties and camping trips.