The Best Solar-Powered Phone Chargers For Keeping Your Gadgets Alive on the Go

best solar-powered phone charger
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If you’re anything like us, you like to be connected. And that means keeping your phone charged wherever you are. A hike, a day at the beach, or a music festival are all great places to bring a solar-powered charger. Since they’re charged by the sun, make sure you have an extra back-up ready in case it becomes a cloudy day. Some chargers have more USB ports than others, so if size is an issue, we have some choices for you. Likewise, most portable solar chargers have up to 400 hours of battery life, so don’t worry about running out.

Things to look for in a solar phone charger:

  • The best solar phone chargers have at least seven watts to charge a phone and 15 watts to charge a larger device.
  • Size matters! Having more surface area means more sun to soak, so you’ll have more watts and your device will charge faster.
  • The best portable solar chargers have multiple ports which is important if you have more than one device to juice up.

Check out our best picks for solar-powered phone chargers below and make sure they’re compatible with your phone before purchasing!


1. Big Blue Solar Charger

Big Blue makes multiple solar chargers and this one contains three USB ports, which is great for a family camping trip or a day at the beach. It is lightweight and easy to store in a backpack. The special PET polymer surface is waterproof, fog-proof, and the ports are covered by a cloth shield and a rubber proofing. So don’t worry about a little rain or wet, your solar charger will be just fine. Big Blue is a great option for those going on a long trip away from home or any charging stations.

Big Blue Solar Panel Courtesy of Amazon


2. X-Dragon Portable Solar Charger

The X-Dragon portable solar charger has 20 watts of solar power which means it can charge a phone and an iPad at the same time — and that’s a lot of juice. So if you have bigger devices that need charging this is a great option for you. If you’re headed off for a long car trip or just want to keep the iPad charged for a movie night, the X-Dragon has you covered.

X-Dragon Solar Charger Courtesy of Amazon


3. Renology Portable E. Lumen Multi-Mode

This portable charger uses solar power as well as an inner battery as an extra safety measure. You can use the solar charge during the day and use the battery at night. Plus, it doubles as a flashlight! This portable charger has multiple functions and will be a great additive to any camping trip or to keep in the car for emergencies.

Renology Lumens Courtesy of Amazon


4. Anker 21 Watt Portable Solar Charger

With the highest wattage features you’ll see on this list, the Anker charger is good to use for larger devices. 21 watts is more than enough to keep an iPad charged all day. It also boasts a foldable panel which means it will capture more of the sun’s energy than a single paneled charger. With weather-resistant material, don’t be afraid to leave this one outside during a rain shower or overnight leading to a foggy morning. The Anker charges up to two devices at once and has an 18-month warranty.

Anker Portable Solar Charger Courtesy of Amazon


5. NekTeck 21 Watts Portable Solar Panel Charger

This portable solar charger has three panels for ultimate sun energy to wattage and two USB ports. Going up to 21 watts means more than enough power for two devices. Waterproof and compact, this is a great choice for a long backpacking trip through the mountains. Plus, with 26 inches of panel space, this one will be sure to gain the most energy from the sun.

NekTrek Solar Charger Courtesy of Amazon


6. Goal Zero Nomad Ten

At 10 watts and a USB port, the Goal Zero Nomad Ten is great for individual use. It can be attached to a backpack or propped on the included kickstand. This portable charger is best for one phone as it only goes up to 10 watts, which not enough for a larger device. With the kickstand, you can rotate the charger to find the optimal light position.

Goal Zero Nomad Ten Courtesy of Amazon


7. SunJack 25 Watts

This portable charger is more expensive than several options on our list but it also charges very quickly. A little bit bulkier than the others, the SunJack has up to 25 watts which is great for charging multiples devices (it contains two USB ports) in a short amount of time. With a handy mesh pocket attached to the back, you can store extra cords as well as your phone to keep it all in one safe place. If you’re tired of smaller chargers that take longer to use, try the SunJack. It’s about the size of your backpack, so make sure you have enough room for it on your trip!

SunJack Portable Solar Charger Courtesy of SunJack


8. ECEEN Portable Solar Charger

A smaller, lighter option, the Eceen portable solar charger has up to 13 watts. It only charges one device at a time even though it has two USB ports. It’s one of the smaller, cheaper options on our list and if you’re only looking to charge one device at a time, this is a good choice.

Eceen portable solar charger Courtesy of Amazon


9. BioLite Solar Panel 10+

With a battery capacity of 11 hours and 10 watts of juice, this charger is on the smaller size but has many desirable features. It has a panel that shows how far along the battery is and has a charge strength indicator to let you know if the sun is up for the challenge. It has latches on the corners so you can attach it to your backpack while you hike to soak up the sun’s energy. This is a great, lightweight option for serious backpackers who don’t need multiple ports. There is also a kickstand included for uneven terrain, so you can capture the best sunlight.

BioLite Solar Charger Courtesy of REI


10. BearTwo Portable Solar Charger

The smallest charger on our list, the BearTwo takes up to five hours to fully charge from the sun. This portable charger might take the longest to charge up your devices so take caution if you’re in a rush. The BearTwo’s manufacturer warns that this charger is intended for emergency use only and should not be used as a primary source of power. So if you’re headed out on a long trip, this isn’t the right solar charger for you. If you’re headed to the beach and just want some extra juice, the BearTwo will work just fine.

BearTwo Portable Solar Charger Courtesy of Amazon