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The Best Portable Solar Phone Chargers Can Charge Your Phone Anywhere — Sunlight Permitting

If you’re anything like us, you like to be connected. That means keeping your phone charged wherever you go. Whether you’re spending a few hours hiking your favorite trail clad in your best hiking boots, taking a day off to get your tan on at the beach or spending your Sunday morning at the park downtown with a book and a cup of coffee, we suggest keeping a portable solar phone charger in your bag for those just-in-case, emergency scenarios.

Since these chargers harness power from the sun, you’ll never have to worry about your portable charger being drained when you need it most. Some portable solar phone chargers have more USB ports than others, so we have some choices for you if the size is an issue. Likewise, most solar-powered phone chargers have up to 400 hours of battery life, so you won’t worry about running out of juice in a pinch.


How We Chose the Best Portable Solar Phone Chargers

Not all solar phone chargers are created equal. And while spending as little as possible on a new piece of tech may be tempting, pricing is often in line with the quality of the product you’re purchasing.

When choosing the best solar phone chargers, we did our best to cover the desires of budget shoppers and device connoisseurs. We also looked at several key criteria when picking the solar phone chargers in this roundup regarding features and design. These include:

  • Wattage/Battery Capacity: Solar phone chargers use solar panels to charge your device directly or through a built-in internal battery. Generally speaking, the larger the wattage or battery capacity, the more energy your charger can disburse to your connected hardware. Battery capacity is essential when determining how often your solar charger will need to be re-juiced. Still, your charger’s capacity will also factor into how many times you can completely recharge a phone or tablet per full charge.
  • While higher wattage often translates to a better charger (and higher prices), this isn’t the only specification to consider.
  • Design and Portability: Many of today’s best solar phone chargers are designed for easy grab-and-go action, as many of us use these devices outdoors. While most manufacturers ensure that their solar battery chargers are weatherproof and durable, we care just as much about the charger’s attached solar panel footprint. The bigger your charger’s solar panel, the more efficient it is as a charger. But no one wants to carry around a panel bigger than the charger itself. We expect the best solar phone chargers to bring us ingenuity, with things like “fold-out” designs to make commuting and traveling with these devices easy.
  • Connections: When choosing the best solar phone chargers, we looked for chargers with various ports. While more ports may equal a more oversized charger design, just as much care was taken in placing these ports. Whether a charger features two USB ports or five, each one had to be sensibly placed for us to recommend the device.

Scroll down to discover SPY’s selection of the best portable solar phone chargers online. We’ve got devices of all styles and budgets to ensure there’s something for everyone.

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1. BigBlue 24W Portable Solar Phone Charger


Big Blue produces several different solar charging devices, with this new 24-watt portable charger the best. It contains three USB ports, which is great for a family camping trip or a day at the beach. It’s also lightweight, foldable and easy to store in a backpack. The special PET-polymer surface is waterproof and fog-proof, and a cloth shield and rubber proofing cover the ports. So don’t worry about a bit of rain or moisture, as your solar charger will be just fine. Like all of the best solar-powered phone chargers, it can juice up Apple, Samsung and Google Pixel smartphones and devices from various brands.

Watts: 36 | Phone Charging Time: 1 Hour | Ports: USB-C/USB-A/DC | IP54 Waterproof

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Solar Phone Charger Lanterns


The LuminAID is one of our favorite gadgets. If you have any camping, hiking or beach plans soon, we recommend bringing the LuminAID PackLite on your adventure — even if you think you might not need it. This two-in-one phone charging lantern provides an extra bright light source to keep your surroundings lit when you need it the most. There are five brightness settings to use at maximum or minimum for your desired lighting needs. The battery life on this lantern is exceptional and provides up to 50 hours of light when fully charged. It’s doubtful that you will ever break this solar-powered charger because it is completely shatterproof and waterproof. Are you worried about fitting it in your hiking backpack? Don’t. The LuminAid PackLite is also completely collapsible for easy storing.

Battery Size: 2,000 mAh | Lumens: 150 lumen | Ports: USB | 100% Waterproof

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. Nekteck Solar Charger


With one of the highest wattage ratings that you’ll find on this list, the Nekteck 28-Watt Solar Charger is great for larger devices. Twenty-one watts is more than enough to keep an iPad charged all day. It also boasts a foldable design, allowing you to capture more of the sun’s energy than single-panel competitors. Its weather-resistant material construction also means you don’t have to be afraid about leaving it outside during a rain shower or overnight. The two USB ports allow this portable charger to connect two devices simultaneously. Plus, it comes backed by more than 1,400 five-star ratings from Amazon users.

Watts: 28 | Ports: 2 USB | IPX4 waterproof | Zippable storage pocket

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. X-Dragon Portable Solar Charger


The X-Dragon portable solar charger has 20 watts of solar power, meaning it can charge a smartphone and an iPad simultaneously — and that’s a lot of juice. So if you have more significant devices that need charging, this is an excellent option. The X-Dragon covers you if you’re headed off for a long car trip or want to keep the iPad charged for a movie night.

Watts: 20 | Ports: 2 USB | Foldable & Waterproof | Four hanging loops

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Courtesy of Amazon


5. Hiluckey Solar Powered Phone Charger


Got sunshine on a cloudy day? You can charge that phone up effortlessly with the Hiluckey solar charger. This unit is one of our favorites for the sheer amount of power in a single charge. It can charge your phone eight to 10 times or your tablet three to four times, averaging about nine whole days of usage per full charge. It has four different panels that fold neatly, making it storable and easy to bring anywhere. In the daytime, easily clip it onto the back of your backpack so it can soak up the sun, ready to charge your electronics at night.

Battery Size: 25000 mAh | Ports: 2 USB | Built-in LED flashlight | Four foldable panels

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. BioLite Solar Panel 10+


With a battery capacity of 11 hours and 10 watts of juice, this popular Biolite solar charger is on the smaller side but has many desirable features. It has a panel that shows how far along the battery is and has a charge strength indicator to let you know if the sun is up for the challenge. It has latches on the corners to attach it to your backpack while you hike to soak up the sun’s energy. This BioLite solar cell phone charger is a great, lightweight option for serious backpackers who don’t need multiple ports. A kickstand is also included for uneven terrain to capture the best sunlight.

Watts: 10 | Battery Size: 3,200mAh | Phone Charging Time: 1 hour | 360-degree kickstand

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Courtesy of BioLite


7. Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel Phone Charger


If you’re not opposed to something on the bulkier side, check out the Jackery SolarSada 100-Watt solar panel. This big boy doesn’t work solo; you attach it to your Jackery Power Station, the must-have power station for anyone who likes to use their electronics off the grid. Simply plug the solar panel into the power station, and you’ll give the box all the extra juice it needs to charge your phone again and again. It’s one of our pricier options, but if you find yourself in situations where you constantly need to power devices that aren’t only your cell phone, whether you are stuck at home in a blackout or camping in the middle of the desert, this is the duo you need.

Watts: 50 | Ports: USB | Foldable | Dual kickstands

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Courtesy of Jackery


8. Goal Zero Nomad 50 Solar Panel


The Goal Zero Nomad 50 Solar Panel is a travel-ready device designed with portability in mind. It features four monocrystalline cell-type panels which can be folded down for easier storage and portability. Inside an attached zippered pouch, you’ll find a single USB port for charging your devices and two additional cables for creating a chain of panels to maximize light capture and decrease charging times.

Watts: 50 | Ports: USB | Foldable | Easily Linkable

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Courtesy of REI


9. BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank


Though this solar power bank isn’t entirely self-sufficient from its solar-paneled unit, it is still an excellent charger that can charge your device multiple times. Unlike most of our other options, we suggest you make sure this bank is fully charged through an electrical outlet before you bring it on the road, as the solar capabilities aren’t as great as some of its competitors. Still, it will get the job done in an emergency. You can also find a flashlight and compass for just-in-case situations. This solar-powered portable charger can charge just about any smartphone, from Apple to Samsung, through built-in ports or wireless charging. Furthermore, this popular device has more than 3,500 five-star ratings from Amazon users.

Charging Time: 1 hour | Battery Size: 20,000mAh | Ports: 2 USB/Type C/wireless

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Courtesy of Amazon


10. Goal Zero Nomad Ten Solar Cell Phone Charger


With a 10-watt capacity and a USB port, the Goal Zero Nomad Ten is incredible for individual use. It can be attached to a backpack or propped on the included kickstand. This portable charger is best for one phone as it only goes up to 10 watts, which is not enough for a larger device. However, if you need more, the device is available in a range of models up to 200 watts. Furthermore, you can rotate the charger with the kickstand to find the optimal light position.

Watts: 10 | Ports: USB | Compact & Lightweight | 180° adjustable kickstand

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Courtesy of Amazon


11. MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights + Charger


If you want to simultaneously charge a device and illuminate the surrounding area, consider this MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights + Charger. The solar charger and power bank combo features a built-in USB port alongside an 18-feet string featuring 10 durable light nodes. Each node has two LEDs to give you maximum lighting coverage. Additionally, the charger is rated IPX4 waterproof and offers up to five hours of illumination from a single full charge.

Battery Size: 2,000 mAh | Ports: USB | Compact | IPX4 waterproof | Built-In Light String

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Courtesy of Amazon


12. Durecopow Solar Charger


With its 30,000 mAh capacity, this Durecopow Solar Charger is a reliable power bank with solar charging capabilities and a built-in flashlight. This versatility makes the device ideal for camping, hiking and other outdoor pursuits. The charger includes two built-in USB charging ports and protects from overcurrent, overcharging and short circuits. Plus, the built-in flashing has three lighting modes to choose from.

Battery Size: 30,000 mAh | Ports: 2 USB | Built-In Flashlight | Ultra Portable

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Courtesy of Walmart


13. Eton American Red Cross FRX3+ Emergency NOAA Weather Radio


If a multi-zip-code power outage occurs, Eton’s portable, solar-powered radio is a godsend. Capable of receiving AM/FM frequencies and SAME and NOAA broadcasts, you can charge the entire device with rays from the sun through a hand-crank power generator or the built-in rechargeable battery. The compact, easy-to-carry radio also features a built-in LED flashlight and a flashing red emergency beacon. In addition, you can have confidence in your purchase as it has received more than 2,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users.

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Battery Size: 2,600 mAh | Ports: USB | Built-In Flashlight | AM/FM/NOAA Digital Radio

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Courtesy of Amazon


14. NPET T10 Car Flashlight


This night and day solar-powered flashlight doubles as a portable charger for emergencies you aren’t expecting. But, the NPET goes even above and beyond charging and flashlight features. Including a safety cutter for separating seatbelts, branches or rope, a compass to keep you on your correct path and an emergency alarm sound when needed, this solar-powered portable charger has everything you need in an emergency. Be sure to keep it in your vehicle or on you when camping or exploring.

Watts: 12 | 500 Lumens LED | Ports: USB | 120dB Siren | Water Resistant

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Courtesy of Amazon


15. QiSa Solar Charger


With more than 4,500 five-star ratings from Amazon customers, the QiSa Solar Charger is one of the best-reviewed devices on our list. This adventure-ready charger is made up of a 38800 mAh power bank, four foldable solar panels, two built-in flashlights and two USB power ports, giving you everything you need to manage your device’s power. This advanced charger also includes wireless charging capabilities to charge three devices simultaneously. In addition, it is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof.

Watts: 12 | Battery Size: 38,800 mAh | Ports: 2 USB/wireless | Waterproof | Shockproof

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Courtesy of Amazon


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