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This $30 Reversible Umbrella Was Made To Withstand Gale-Force Winds

* Reinforced fiberglass ribbing makes umbrella twice as strong
* Reversible design prevents breaking in windy weather
* Dries twice as fast as other umbrellas

Fighting rainy weather and windy days can be brutal when you have to make your way to an all-important meeting. High winds can flip an umbrella inside out and leave you exposed to rainy weather. The next thing you know, you’re walking into that important meeting wet and disheveled. That’s no way to start a day. 

If this describes your experience for the past few months, take a look at this new umbrella that will be a game-changer for you come the next time it rains.  

This reversible umbrella from Smart-Brella has a windproof design that won’t leave you out in the rain. Each of the inside umbrella ribs is made of reinforced fiberglass, giving this umbrella twice the amount of strength and durability as other umbrellas.

In addition, because the umbrella is designed to fold inside out, it will never break when it does flip on those extra windy days. But don’t worry too much, because this umbrella has been designed to endure gale force winds.

Another useful feature of this umbrella is its C-shaped handle design. This allows the handle to be worn around the wrist so the hands are free to use while out in the rain.

When you get to the office, the umbrella conveniently folds inside out so you won’t get caught by leftover water running off the sides of the umbrella and onto your clothing. This way, you don’t have to worry about wet sleeves as you shake hands during the meeting. The material of the umbrella is made of Pongee Fabric, which allows up to two times faster drying speed than normal umbrella material. 

The next time you find yourself fighting rain and wind as you make yourself to the office, confidently reach for this reversible umbrella from Smart-Brella. At least you’ll have one less thing to worry about.