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Review: The Serial 1 Mosh/CTY E-Bike Is the Harley Davidson of Electric Bicycles

The motorcycle world is at a crossroads. With sales down in some regions, and younger people reluctant to ride, manufacturers need to diversify into electric motorcycles and e-bikes. When it came time for America’s largest motorcycles builder to enter the e-bike realm, Harley-Davidson put Serial 1 to work designing and manufacturing a line of four e-bikes carrying Harley’s blessing.

While you won’t find a Harley-Davidson badge anywhere on a Serial 1, there are echoes of classic Harley fonts of old hidden in the glowing logo built into the bike’s fairing.

The Serial 1 Mosh/Cty is the company’s entry-level build and its unofficial sporty version in that Serial 1 line. While the company’s other options have a more urban utility vibe, the Mosh/Cty is a paired down street cruiser built for prime performance and handling.

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Courtesy of Serial 1

The entry-level e-bike has a lot to offer both beginners and more experienced cyclists:

  • Maximum assistance speed of 20 miles per hour
  • The integrated 529Wh lithium-ion battery offers a real-world range of 35-105 miles, which varies based on ride-mode selection, terrain and how much you pedal
  • Heavy-duty wheels and tires provide great shock absorption and responsive handling
  • Built-in LED headlamp for low-light riding
  • LED front light that lights up when the Serial 1 e-bike is powered up.

What We Liked About the Serial 1 Mosh/Cty

The excellent balance built into the Mosh/Cty’s frame aids in tight steering and a reassuring grounded feeling while riding at speed. With its battery centered low in its frame, the bike answers the rider’s body movements faithfully and comfortably. Belt-driven, the Mosh/Cty uses a mid-mounted Brose S MAG motor. The brushless internal rotor within produces ample power. The result is a bike aided up to 20 MPH on street conditions, managed by easy to command controls.

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Serial 1

Most Unique Feature: Ample Riding Modes

Unlike many e-bikes that simply offer an electrically aided ride with the occasional boost, the Serial 1 Mosh/Cty offers four A.I.-aided ride modes. Eco Mode offers a battery-saving, easy ride and minimal assistance for flat, easy conditions. Tour Mode provides a blend of assistance and battery preservation that adjusts during different conditions. Sport Mode packs stronger assistance for faster rides, ample cornering environments and or hilly terrains. Finally, Boost Mode comes in handy for bigger hills, windy rides or when serious speed is required.

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Courtesy of Serial 1

What We Didn’t Like About the Serial 1 Mosh/City

We noted that Harley-Davidson oversees this e-bike operation while Serial 1 designs and builds the rides. So, even though these aren’t technically full-on Harley-Davidson e-bikes, they do carry one of Harley’s trademark elements — a big price tag. In an era when the proliferation of e-bikes is driving prices down, this entry-level cycle in the Serial 1 line settles in at $3,399. You can get a very dependable e-bike for that option.

It’s been suggested by analysts that Harley-Davidson’s motorcycles struggle to draw younger riders because even the more affordable bikes are still more expensive than other companies’ cheaper options. It’s certainly possible that Serial 1’s pricing might serve up similar obstacles as the company explores the growing elecrtic bicycle market. There are a variety of cheaper e-bikes for beginners, not to mention plenty of e-bike converter kits.

That being said, you don’t buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle because you want a cheap ride. You buy them because they’re the best, and because of the brand’s historic legacy. Likewise, if you’re looking for the best electric bicycle, Serial 1 makes a compelling case for dominance.


The Verdict: A Bike To Make Other E-Bike Riders Jealous

The Mosh/Cty from Serial 1 is an e-bike worthy of the wild, “wind through the hair” image Harley-Davidson sells with its motorcycles. Fast, smooth and well-balanced, it’s an e-bike for the rider who wants to enjoy riding first and foremost. If you can handle the up-market price, the Mosh/Cty won’t disappoint out on the street.

If you’ve got the budget for a serious e-bike that won’t let you down, the Mosh/Cty is a great choice.

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Courtesy of Serial 1

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