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Become the Seventh Doctor with His Signature Umbrella

* Iconic umbrella from Doctor Who franchise
* Crafted from metal and fiberglass
* Perfect whether in Gallifrey or at home

Win the umbrella game with this Doctor Who-inspired question mark umbrella. Even to non-Doctor Who fans, the “Seventh Doctor’s” umbrella couldn’t be more of an obvious reference to the classic BBC show, with its iconic handle shaped like a question mark.

The show’s “Delta and the Bannermen” and “Dragonfire” introduced the question mark umbrella as an unforgettable and strange memento, and the umbrella is geared towards loyal Doctor Who fans who have a particular soft spot for dundrearyisms.

Played by Scottish actor Sylvester McCoy, the Doctor is critically injured and can regenerate his body along with his personality. When he evolves into the “Seventh Doctor,” he is a much more secretive, wild and mysterious doctor than his previous incarnation.

The famous question mark umbrella is part of the “Seventh Doctor’s” unmistakable outfit, which also includes a blue and red vest dotted with question marks, and a Panama hat with paisley headband. Now, part of that outfit at least can be yours too.

This signature umbrella was crafted out of metal, fiberglass and polyester. At a mere $34.99, this is the perfect gift for all of your friends, whether in Gallifrey or at home.

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