Your Ski Gloves Are (Almost) as Important as Your Skis, and We’ve Rounded Up Our Favorites

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Come the colder months, most of us dig our hands into our jacket pockets to keep warm. But for skiers and snowboarders, that’s not an option. Whether it’s stabilizing yourself on the snow or gripping ski poles, your hands get a lot of use. That’s why having a trusty pair of ski gloves is so important.

The best ski gloves are typically designed to be padded but lightweight enough to maintain some of the dexterity that you would have barehanded. They also should be water-resistant, and of course, warm. The level of warmth you want will depend on how cold the ski conditions are and how hot you typically run. Simply picking super warm gloves might not be the answer, especially since during physical activity you’ll start to sweat. That’s why opting for a warm but breathable glove is a good idea. Moisture can get trapped in suffocating gloves, leading your hands to feel cold and damp, even in warm and waterproof gloves. Letting some air through will actually help keep you warmer.

Of course, if you’re not a skier or snowboarder, there are no rules against buying ski gloves. If you just need something to keep you warm while you carry your coffee cup from the cafe to the car, there are stylish options out there that will slot in nicely with your regular work attire. These are the ones to get.

1. MCTi Mens Ski Gloves

When you find out that these gloves have a zippered pocket, you’ll find yourself wondering why all gloves don’t have pockets. It’s suitable for standard IDs or credit cards, one or two keys, and even a small hand-warmer. There’s also a clip across the wrist for tightening it. It’s filled with 3M’s Thinsulate to keep you warm.

Pros: Uses Thinsulate for warm and powerful insulation, features a pocket on the back of the hand for storing small items like cards, keys, and hand warmers.

Cons: Not the most breathable.

mcti ski gloves Amazon

MCTi Mens Ski Gloves


2. Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove

Gore-Tex is basically synonymous with toughness. It’s notable for being waterproof but breathable, and these gloves are made with that material. The gloves come with a removable liner, allowing you to air out the gloves when not in use. Across the top of the glove is a pocket, suitable for hand warmers and other small objects.

Pros: Made with tough Gore-Tex material. Gloves have pockets for storing hand warmers and other small items. Liner is removable.

Cons: Somewhat expensive.

burton ski gloves Amazon

Burton Men's Gore-Tex Glove


3. Tough Outdoors Winter Ski & Snowboard Gloves

These highly affordable winter gloves have a waterproof nylon exterior, and the palm is made from soft synthetic leather. Each glove has a detachable lanyard for carrying around the wrists when not being worn. There’s also a clip around the wrist for tightening the gloves.

Pros: Highly affordable, warm gloves with details like soft synthetic-leather palms and wrist straps for tightening and loosening.

Cons: Sizing runs small.

tough outdoors ski gloves Amazon

Tough Outdoors Winter Ski & Snowboard Gloves