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Skimboards Are Back For Summer 2021: Here Are the Top 7 You Need For Riding Dirty

Skimboarding. The Laguna Beach-born trend that became a modern surfing alternative that pro-wetsuit-wearers and Jersey Shore pre-teens alike fell in love with beach trip after beach trip for decades at this point. The sport has become rarer to see or partake in out in the wild in recent times if we’re comparing them to the popularity of surfing, but recently, skimboarding has become a beachside norm again. That’s right. It’s time to dust off your old skimboard again and practice all those cool tricks you learned years ago.

How Do You Skimboard?

If you’re unfamiliar with skimboarding, it kind of does resemble the act of surfing — but rather than starting in the water, it starts on land. As skimboarders anticipate a wave from the sand, they’ll begin running toward the sea, hop on their skimboard from the most shallow depths of the ocean and hope to catch a solid wave as it begins to break.

Whether you ride the wave out or bust out a couple of tricks in a similar way you would with a skateboard is up to you, but both are manageable with a solid skimboard. Another way you can use a skimboard is by riding out the remnants of leftover waves on solid, sandy wetlands to practice tricks like ollies and shove-its like you also would a skateboard.

What Makes a Skimboard Different Than a Surfboard?

As we mentioned, skimboarding starts on the land and surfing starts in the water. Skimboards are much shorter and fatter than your average surfboard. Rather than towering over your head or meeting your height, the majority of skimboards will hit your waist when standing next to you on the sand.

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Skimboards also look a ton different than the best surfboards. Skimboards are a ton thinner than surfboards which helps with gliding. Yeah, it will make you move a little bit slower, but you’re at the coast, not in the water. What else did you expect?

Are Skimboards Dangerous?

Of course, skimboards are dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you need to fear ever giving them a shot for yourself. They’re similarly dangerous in the way skateboards and surfboards are, so just use precaution before practicing. Keep in mind that if you’re just starting off, you’re going to fall a number of times before you master a good glide, but that’s to be expected with any new hobby.

Keep in mind that you can seriously injure yourself when skimboarding, so just be careful. Don’t go into it thinking you have the sport down-pat, because you don’t. We suggest watching a couple of YouTube videos of TikTok tutorials before you get out on the water. Better yet, if you know someone who’s willing to teach you, consider asking them for some help.

Because come on, doesn’t this look like an absolute blast?


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You can’t say it doesn’t.

Now that you’re ready to begin skimboarding for yourself, check out our top picks for the summer below for getting started.

1. BPS ‘Gator’ Skimboard


Not only is the BPS ‘Gator’ the best skimboard you can purchase online, but it also supports a mom & pop shot ran by a surfer and dad in New Zealand. Each board is made with tough plywood in a high gloss coating to protect the material from any water damage. The skimboard features a nose rocker for effortless maneuverability to help you perform tricks when you’re ready. Each board comes with built-in grip pads so you don’t have to continuously wax it, you’ll stay on and feel balanced the entire time. Got a favorite color? Pick it out from the bunch, this skimboard is available in a number of ’em.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. Slapfish USA Made Skimboard


This skimboard has 4.8 out of 5-stars on Amazon, so don’t expect anything less than a high-quality board and fun, fun times. This board holds up to 200-lbs of weight and will have you gliding across the water like you’re walking on it. It comes in a number of sizes depending on your preferences and weights at an average of 3 to 5-lbs in total. Each board is made from fiberglass with carbon reinforced at the nose and tail for durability. You’re going to have to wax this one from time to time for a better grip. We don’t suggest beginners come close to a skimboard of this caliber, it’s more for people looking to upgrade.

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. South Bay Board Co. Skipper Beginner Skimboard


Got you a kid who can’t get their eyes of #SkimboardTok? We get it, neither can we. If you are or know somebody looking to start a new hobby in skimboarding this summer, this is the best skimboard for beginners that money can buy. It measures in at 41″ x 17″ x 0.5″ which makes it an excellent option for kids starting off. It’s decked with epoxy-coated wood so it won’t warp over time and stay ready for all the action and damage your kid brings to it. It has an awesome grip so kids won’t slip as easily and it comes in a few colors, too.

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Courtesy of South Bay Board Co.


4. Sunspecs Rubber Top Wooden Skimboard


As you’re probably able to tell at this point, wood is one of the most common materials used in skimboards. But, a lot of the time, other components will be added to the wood to make it a sort of hybrid skimboard. Here, that’s barely the case. All this skimboard is? Wood and a plastic coating so it doesn’t get any water damage. This rubber coating provides traction so you don’t have to do any waxing, you’ll be able to stand still on two feet and ride out wave after wave which will save you tons of time and money. Get gliding!

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Courtesy of Amazon


5. Exile X0 E-Glass Epoxy Skimboard


This is one of the most high-performance skimboard brands to exist, so it’s without question that we’d add an option like this colorful board ready to take on waves big and small. It has an e-glass epoxy construction with a glossy finish to keep it looking brand-new day in and day out. It’s ideal for beginners snd intermediate riders alike and will help people get through a number of trial and error moments. It’s available in blue, red, orange, teal and this bright green below.

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Courtesy of Exile


6. Victoria Skimboard


This skimboard is classically made to keep consistent with the OG way skimboards looked. You know, just a flat board-like look. No gimmicks. Essentially driftwood. It’s got a minimal rocker which keeps it relatively flat for an effortless glide across the water with a coating to keep water damage a problem of the past. There are so many sizes to choose from that range from extra small to extra large, handling weight from 30-lbs to 210-lbs. Meaning, yeah, this is the people’s skimboard.

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Courtesy of Victoria Skimboards


7. Lib Tech Air’n Skim Wakesurf Board 2021


This isn’t a skimboard for beginners, we’ll say that. This $750 skimboard is for people that seriously know what they’re doing and are looking to purchase the skimboard of all skimboards. You know, the kind of guy that takes this sport so seriously that it could potentially be a profession. It features a low rocker for total speed and tons of tricks with consistencies completely dissimilar to lower-end skimboards. Each board is tremendously durable and will last you just about forever.

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Courtesy of Evo