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Solo Stove’s New 2.0 Fire Pit Line Gives You Outdoor Warmth Without the Ashy Mess

Solo Stove makes some of the best smokeless fire pits around, but they all possess one fatal flaw: They’re a huge pain to clean. Thankfully, their latest release remedies the problem. The Solo Stove 2.0 line includes three different models: the Ranger 2.0, Bonfire 2.0 and Yukon 2.0, all of which come with a cool new feature that makes these portable fire pits even more convenient.

Solo Stove is one of our favorite outdoor brands, and they make portable and smokeless fire pits that look like polished steel drums. This isn’t the company’s first new product launch in 2022, either. Earlier this year, we covered the launch of the company’s first pizza oven, the Solo Stove Pi, capable of cooking a pizza in just three minutes.

Below, we’ve got all the details on the Solo Stove 2.0 collection, now available for sale online.

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Courtesy of Solo Stove


What’s New With the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0?

Solo Stove has made a few notable improvements to their brand new 2.0 edition of their original smokeless fire pits. They all have the same cylindrical shape, durable stainless steel exterior and sleek design that works just about anywhere.

They’ve made one notable addition: a removable ash pan that sits underneath the fire pit’s base, so you can catch all of the ash in one place and dispose of it swiftly. It’s easy to remove, empty and replace, making it easier for you to take care of your fire pit and keep it in tip-top shape.

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Solo Stove 2.0’s brand new removable ash pan. Courtesy of Solo Stove

Their upgraded 2.0 firepit comes with the same Signature 360-degree Airflow that super-heats the air and burns off the smoke before it reaches your clothes, eyes and skin. This system also makes their fire pits super easy to light, and since the entire system weighs just over 20 pounds, it’s also portable.

This model comes with a carrying case and is available in three different models, all of which are on sale as of this writing.