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When a Spork Just Isn’t Enough, Grab This Multitool Instead

* Seven tools in one
* Small and light enough to use as an everyday carry
* Vibrant tangerine color for high visibility

Like the Boy Scouts motto goes, it’s better to “be prepared” than find yourself in a situation where you might need a fork, spoon, screw driver or bottle opener. After all, you just never know what life will throw at you. But unlike the

, Columbia River Knife and Tool’s (CRKT) Eat’N Tool isn’t a one dimensional multi-tool. It’s more like four or seven.

Based on the spork, which was patented as early as 1874, but trademarked in the UK and U.S. much, much later, the Eat’N Tool isn’t necessarily a novel idea. What it is is an evolution of the combined fork and spoon that’s become a staple item in the kits of backpackers, campers and even the military. It will surely come in handy one day even in your car kit.

In addition to the fork and spoon, edge tool (aka knife) designer Liong Mah added a handful of other useful tools, like a bottle opener and screwdriver blade to the otherwise humdrum design of the spork. Also included in this refreshed design are three (6mm, 8mm and 10mm) metric wrenches, a handy carabiner and large central opening for better grip. It also keeps the overall weight of the Eat’N Tool down to just 1.5 ounces.

Better to be prepared than sorry, as they say.

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