The Most Stylish Bike Helmets To Wear Right Now

Nutcase Helmet
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Riding a bike is one of the best ways to see a new city, get some exercise, or to make a quick commute, but the helmets are often a limiting factor that keeps many people off bikes. Sure, it’s true that you’ll get helmet hair, or a dent in your forehead from a tight fit, or look like there’s a mushroom on top of your head, so how do you find a helmet that’s actually stylish and attractive and makes you excited to ride your bike?

Don’t let helmet hair keep you from exploring via bike; there are plenty of attractive options that are just as safe as those “aero” helmets the pros are wearing (but we’re not pros, so don’t worry). Keep your outfit on point with a stylish helmet that’ll spice things up while you’re off exploring a new place, or just commuting to work. Stylish helmets are a necessary and vital piece of cycling equipment, and we have plenty of options from vintage styles to too-cool-for-school looks that’ll pair perfectly with your chic cycling sunglasses, so check out our favorites below and get out there.


1. Giro Caden Urban Helmet


The Giro line of helmets have something for everyone, but their Caden Urban helmet is the most stylish bike helmet by far. Designed for urban commuting or casual rides, this helmet will keep you protected while also making you look good. With performance-grade protection, this helmet has a built-in in-mold shell to prevent the material from denting, so if you crash, you’ll be double protected by the inner shell as well as the hard casing on the outside. With a universal light fixture to clip on any type of front headlight, you’ll be able to cruise around in the dark with no problem. Another great feature is the inner lock system, so you can lock up your helmet as well as your bike while out doing errands. This is a fitted, stylish helmet for urban commuting and casual rides. It’s available in five colors.

Giro Caden Urban Helmet Courtesy of Amazon


2. Thousand Heritage Helmet


The Thousand Heritage bike helmet has been a crowd favorite for years. With a sculpted fit to make you look stylish and a wide range of available colors, this helmet ranks high on our list for its functionality and charm. Great for urban commuting or touring a new city, it looks great in photos and won’t give you helmet hair. It has an easy to use dial fit system so you can make it tighter with one just hand and seven vents so your head can breathe in the summer. Ventilation is key in good helmets, because all that heat needs to go somewhere in the summer! With a built-in, low profile visor to keep the sun from your face, this stylish bike helmet will be your go-to in the summer for riding.

Thousand Heritage Helmet Courtesy of REI


3. Abus Yadd-I Limited Edition Chicago Helmet


The Abus line has a stylish limited edition helmet that you’ll want to grab immediately. With a cool print of red, white, and blue colors and the Chicago flag, you’ll be the most fashionable bike rider around for miles. With in-mold technology, this helmet fits snugly against your head for ultimate protection. Other cool features include a removable inside padding for easy washing during the hot summer months, plenty of vents to allow your head to breathe, and soft straps that are easy to clip. This limited edition helmet is a must-have for Chicago fans and won’t be around forever.

Abus Yadd-I Limited Edition Chicago Helmet Courtesy of Amazon


4. Abus Helmet with Integrated Tail light


Another excellent choice offered up by Abus is their helmet that has an integrated tail light secured on the back. Even with a rear light on your bike, it’s still safe to have an option on your helmet too to remain as visible as possible on night rides. Safety first, right? Other features include a molded inside lining that forms to your head via a small dial on the back of the helmet and the twelve inlet vents to allow your head to breathe during sweaty rides. Keep cool, keep safe, and above all, keep stylish with an Abus helmet.

Abus Helmet with Integrated Tail light Courtesy of Amazon


5. Nutcase Street Helmet


The Nutcase helmets have a wide variety of designs and colors, thanks to their initiative to use different artists to help create the look of their products every year. They keep their helmets fresh, new, and cool looking year after year and with MIPS inside lining, they’re safe as well. With eleven vents to keep you breathing and a built -in visor to keep the sun off your face, this is the ultimate summer helmet to cruise around town. Keep your style points up with a Nutcase Street helmet.

Nutcase Street Helmet Courtesy of Amazon


6. Closca Foldable Bike Helmet


The Closca helmet does something no other helmet does: it folds up for easy storage. If you’re a commuter, you know the importance of space, and having a bulky helmet around after you’re done riding can be a deal-breaker. Fear not, and check out the Closca folding helmet for all your commuter needs. Aside from being able to fold, this stylish bike helmet will keep your noggin safe and secure if an accident occurs. With its aerodynamic design, you’ll be speeding along to work in no time at all. Other features include plenty of vents to keep you breathing while commuting. This helmet is available in a wide variety of colors and shouldn’t be missed.

Closca Foldable Bike Helmet Courtesy of Amazon


7. LIVALL MT1 Smart Helmet


the Livall smart helmet has it all: LED lights, built-in Bluetooth so you can make calls while out on a ride without reaching for your phone, high-quality speakers that allow you to hear traffic even while on a call, and a remote that attaches to your handlebars for easy use. These gadgets might sound too good to be true, but Livall has managed to create a safe and functional helmet for busy commuters. Control the lights to indicate a turn signal from your handlebars. With this many features, it has to be the best commuter helmet available.

LIVALL MT1 Smart Helmet Courtesy of Amazon


8. Livall Smart Bike Helmet 


This stylish version of the Livall helmet might be greatly preferred by urban commuters for its casual look and built-in visor. The more rounded top offers more style points than the more aerodynamic option above and includes the same amount of features, such as the LED lights, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and easy access remote control that attaches to your handlebars. No matter which stylish bike helmet you prefer, the Livall is a great commuter choice.

Livall Smart Bike Helmet  Courtesy of Amazon