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Simplify Your Lawn Care With Sunday’s Customized Smart Lawn Plan

Taking care of a beautiful, sprawling green lawn is a ton of work. Not only does it involve seasonal seeding, cutting, mowing, weeding and watering — there’s also gophers, moles and other rodents just dying to rip your lawn to shreds like their lives depend on it.

Thankfully, we’ve found an easy, convenient way to keep your lawn growing strong and lush during the warmer months and bouncing back after the cold months — Sunday.

Sunday is a custom lawn care package company designed to make delivering the best possible nutrients to your grass as easy as possible. Each plan is customized to your specific lawn as your first package includes a soil test that pinpoints any deficiencies your lawn has and its exact needs. The best part? All you need is a working hose to use Sunday.

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Courtesy of Sunday

Your first package also includes a hose end sprayer for attaching to the Sunday nutrient bags, that you can use to spray your lawn and disperse the customized nutrients. The package also includes a lawn tips booklet and an instruction manual.

The nutrients are chemical-free and don’t contain anything harsh that could harm your pets or family. They contain ingredients like seaweed and molasses, mixes that benefit the lawn, people, animals and the planet all at once.

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Courtesy of Sunday

In terms of spot weed control, Sunday believes that a full, vibrant lawn is the best weed control there is, so they don’t offer any spot weed control products. They also recommend seeding your lawn first before using Sunday if you have any bare spots.

They offer a 100% money-back guarantee with their product if you’re not happy with Sunday, and they have all different types of lawns covered. From warm or cool-season grass, to Kentucky Bluegrass and Saint Augustine, they’ve got you covered and then some. There’s even special packages for pet owners!

More good news? Sunday is offering SPY readers a discount on their first lawn care package, $25.00 off with the code Spy25. This code is active from now until August 15, so jump on it!