12 Dad-Approved Sunglasses Straps To Keep Your Shades Safe and Sound

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Although sunglasses are necessary for tons of outdoor activities, disaster can strike when you’re wearing them. From having a pair float away from you in the ocean to dealing with them constantly falling off during sweaty workouts, you need a sunglasses strap if you often drop, scratch or lose your shades. Like a good hiking hat, they’re also helpful beyond sporty scenarios for casual everyday use like shopping or yard work. You can also hang these eyewear retainers around your neck when not in use so that you won’t lose them as often.


What to Consider When Buying Sunglasses Straps Online

Thickness: Thinner materials may be less visible on this piece of outdoor fitness gear, they’re not always buoyant. A thicker band will remain around your head more securely, making them a better choice for rigorous activity.

Material: Neoprene is a popular choice since it’s durable, stretchy and floats in water. It’s also a quick-drying material. Plastic, silicone, cotton, or fabric blends are also suitable choices.

Custom-fit: If you need a snugger fit or do a range of activities, opting for an adjustable strap is your best bet.

Design: Color and prints can help you spot your eyewear strap more easily – choosing the right design can either help this accessory stand out with retro dad vibes or blend in for a more modern look.

Fit: If you need a snugger fit or do a range of activities, opting for an adjustable strap is your best bet. Additionally, to find a strap compatible with your sunglasses, read the fine print and see if a strap is universally suitable or geared towards thick or thin frames. Men’s sunglasses may require larger straps than models made for women.

Whether doing errands or heading out on the adventure of a lifetime, the right strap for your sunnies can provide that peace of mind when you need it most. Here are our top picks for men and women in 2022.

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1. DriftFish Floating Sunglass Strap


Even the best sunglasses straps are less functional without this one key factor: buoyancy. A floating sunglasses strap is essential if you’re going anywhere near the water — especially deep lakes and the ocean. Neoprene is your best bet for a strong tether that’ll still float if needed. This adjustable one by DriftFish is made extra buoyant with a foam filling and comes in a two-pack, so it’s no biggie if you misplace one of your straps.

DriftFish Floating Sunglass Strap Courtesy of Amazon


2. Croakies XL Croakies Eyewear Retainer


Croakies have been around for decades, which is why many people decide to stick with them when protecting their shades. Great for wider and thinner frames alike, this XL eyewear retainer is made from stretchy Neoprene and measures 16 inches long. A great choice for anyone who finds thinner straps dig into your head or tend to slip down, this extra wide strap will let you fully tackle any adventure without holding back, providing the ultimate security even during sweaty runs.

Croakies XL Croakies Eyewear Retainer Courtesy of Amazon


3. Sidelinx Adjustable Eyeglass Strap


Whether you’re constantly losing your accessories or want to get a small gift for a loved one, this adjustable strap by Sidelinx comes in a three-pack. It even includes a bonus glasses cleaning cloth to stay smudge-free wherever you go. Offering superb bang for your buck, this strap provides a snug fit so that glasses don’t slide down the nose or fall off. One size fits all, making this an excellent buy for men and women alike.

Sidelinx Adjustable Eyeglass Strap Courtesy of Amazon


4. Chums Universal Fit Rope Eyewear Retainer


A mainstay in the sunglasses straps world, Chums offers this nylon rope retainer that fits most sunglasses. Using an adjustable sliding bead mechanism, this washable accessory is suitable for camping trips and other activities. It’s lightweight and features molded silicone tips for maximum grip. For under $10, it checks all the boxes. One buyer says, “Cinched all the way up to the base of my skull, these feel about as secure as it can get.”

Chums Universal Fit Rope Eyewear Retainer Courtesy of Amazon


5. Luxe Performance Adjustable No Tail Sunglass Strap


A No. 1 bestseller on Amazon with over 8,000 glowing reviews, this adjustable cable straps increased tension, temple grips and multiple length options. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the loop style holders, this sunglasses strap fits around the head rather than visibly draping down the neck. Besides fitting in with your look seamlessly, they stay put, removing the annoying need to slide your glasses up your nose constantly.

Luxe Performance Adjustable No Tail Sunglass Strap Courtesy of Amazon

6. Croakies Micro Suiters Eyewear Retainer


Available in black, red and navy. This adjustable fabric eyewear retainer is designed specifically for thin, wire-framed sunglasses with tube-style covered rubber sleeves that provide cushioned comfort. Made from cotton and lycra, it’s breathable and stretchy so that it won’t aggravate your skin, unlike some rougher nylon alternatives. Multiple customers note that the Micro aspect makes them more lightweight than other straps on the market.

Croakies Micro Suiters Eyewear Retainer Courtesy of REI


7. Chums Neoprene Classics Sunglasses Strap


If you swear that all the sunglasses straps you’ve tried so far are slipping off your face, opt for a thicker neoprene band like this classic from Chums. Their lock-stitched ends slip over most eyewear frames. Best of all, they’re quick-drying and provide light flotation for frames that weigh up to half an ounce. Customers report that the strap deals with slippage without feeling tight or uncomfortable on your head.

Chums Neoprene Classics Sunglasses Strap Courtesy of REI


8. Croakies Lycra Suiter Floater Eyewear Retainer


These Croakies were designed with floatation in mind. Made from heavy-duty lycra, they keep your glasses in place and float them if they end up in the water. This quick-drying device is perfect for water sports, boat adventures or swims. It’s sold in bright color options to help you easily locate your glasses in the water. For people who spend a lot of time in the water, this product from a reputable brand is a must-have in your arsenal.

Croakies Lycra Suiter Floater Eyewear Retainer Courtesy of REI


9. Ukes Premium Sunglass Strap


Available in a range of prints, Ukes are as effective as they are attractive. They’re made from floating neoprene, and customers can choose from 30 diverse and unique designs that fit your style, whether that’s patriotic or music-minded. They’re also one of the most comfortable options you can buy, made from soft neoprene that’s also conveniently waterproof. The longer length allows for a sturdier grip on glasses while hanging at chest level rather than close to the neck.

Croakies Lycra Suiter Floater Eyewear Retainer Courtesy of Amazon


10. Oakley Sunglass Leash Kit


A dream come true for minimalists, this Oakley sunglass leash set is nothing like the dorky sunglasses straps of eras past – this one consists of a thin, 18-inch strap. Some people find that Oakleys are hard to find a lanyard for, so this one designed specifically by the brand is probably your best bet. Available in small and large sizes to fit stems of various sizes. While these leashes may work with other sunglasses brands, we can’t guarantee it, but some users claim that they work with Frog Skins and Holbrook.

Oakley Sunglass Leash Kit Courtesy of Amazon


11. Chums Upcycled Cotton Eyewear Retainer


This sunglasses strap isn’t just soft and stylish – it’s eco-friendly given its blend of upcycled cotton and post-consumer recycled bottles. A reputable company in the sunglasses accessories space, Chums offers lightweight eyewear retainers that fit well, feel good on your skin and are suitable for all kinds of activities, whether you’re going for a bike ride or kayaking. A sliding bead allows for easy adjustments whenever you need it.

Chums Upcycled Cotton Eyewear Retainer Courtesy of REI


12. Premium Leather Eyeglass Straps, 5-Pack


Although leather might be considered an unusual pick for a strap to hold your eyewear up, it’s soft against the skin and is a chic, easy-to-clean alternative fabric like cotton and lycra. This one offers an unbeatable, color-coded deal with five lanyards for under $7.00. The total length of the strap is 27 inches and features an anti-skid buckle at both ends of the cord to prevent it from falling off. Leather is also a much easier fabric to clean.

Premium Leather Eyeglass Straps, 5-Pack Courtesy of Amazon

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