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The Best Survival Bracelets For Staying Prepared In Style

Most people who have done serious camping and outdoor adventuring are probably familiar with the concept of a bug out bag. Basically, it’s a bag of the essentials that you’ll need to survive for a certain amount of time, typically 72 hours. These kits, compounded with your regular gear, can add a lot of weight. That’s why many gravitate toward gear that is lightweight and has multiple functions. A Swiss Army Knife is a great example of that. So are survival bracelets.

Survival bracelets are woven from tough paracord and worn just like a regular bracelet, but they can be unwound and used for anything you might use a 550 cord for. For example, paracord can be used as an emergency splint or sling in case of injury. Or, use it as a way to rig a temporary shelter, create a fishing line, or carry your gear. There’s almost no limit to the applications of a paracord, and turning it into a bracelet is just a stylish and convenient way to keep the cord accessible.

Some survival bracelets also have handy gear built into them, including things like firestarters, whistles, and compasses. Even if you never need to deploy the emergency paracord, it’s an easy thing to wear anytime you’re adventuring. These are some of our favorite survival bracelets.

1. The Friendly Swede Paracord

While this option does not include a compass or firestarter, it’s made from durable 550lb paracord. The bracelet is secured by a sturdy and stylish pin mechanism. Available colors are black, army green, and camo, and there are three sizes available.

Pros: Stylish, uses a 550 paracord for extra toughness.

Cons: No compass, firestarter, or whistle. Locking mechanism can be cumbersome.

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2. RNS STAR Paracord Survival Bracelet

This simple and economical option is available in a wide range of colors, and it features a variety of survival tools including the rope itself, a compass, a fire starter, a sawtooth blade and a whistle.

Pros: 5-in-1 option. Range of colors included.

Cons: Large size may be loose.

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3. X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelets

These survival bracelets come in a kit of 2. Details include a compass, a whistle, and a flint fire starter and scraper. There are three available sizes for a customized fit, and colors include black, camo, blue, and orange.

Pros: Comes in various colors, a compass, whistle, and firestarter are included.

Cons: Compass can be attracted to firestarter, so bracelet has to be taken off for an accurate measurement.

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