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This Above-Ground Tent is Your Answer to Glamping—Without The High Price

* Get off the ground with this portable pop-up cot
* A cot and tent combo for an elevated night of sleep
* Pops up for easy use in less than one minute 

Stepping out into the great outdoors is something we encourage in our readers while offering them a modern approach to tackling the rugged elements that camping brings with it. Car tents have become a popular trend in the outdoor sphere and they are a great option if you have the right vehicle, but if you are looking for something a bit more practical that can be transported easily and carried in the back of your car, then we recommend peeping this portable pop-up cot from Kamp-Rite. For $100, which is a great price for a quality tent, this design offers the user a supported sleeping arrangement off of the rocky and uneven ground while still protecting you from the rain and wildlife at night.

Along with investing in a durable tarp for wet weather and dependable lights for when nightfall comes, this accessible tent cot is something to consider when prepping for your next summer trip outdoors. It gives you an elevated shelter for sleep and offers a glamping experience without having to spend too much on your gear.

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Made with heavy duty and weatherproof nylon material, the tent design is the perfect choice for all weather conditions throughout the season. It sets up in less than one minute and is supported by spreader bars on either end of the cot for a secure design that can hold up to 300 pounds. The whole thing is about 6.5 feet long so taller folks may have to bend a little while sleeping but single person tents are often a little tight anyway so it isn’t a deal breaker unless you are very tall and prefer to spread out in the night.

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The entire set-up only weighs 25 pounds and folds up into an easy-to-carry bag with roller wheels for easy transport, making this a great choice for car campers who are driving straight to their campsite from town and need a compact shelter that sets up quickly. The cot can also be used on its own without the tent cover so you can post this up in the woods and use it as a communal couch or lounge for those beautiful days beneath the sky.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Added features that make this a little extra accommodating is the slot for shoes under the cot, taped seams for dryness even in the moisture-dense region of the PNW and the No-See-Um mesh windows for privacy when the flaps are opened on the tent. Because finding the perfect spot for a tent on the ground is one of the most annoying parts of setting up camp, we think this cot solves a serious problem for people by removing the ground from the equation and offering a cozy sleeping nook away from bugs and rocky earth.