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The Most Comfortable Golf Shoes Could Make You Forget Carts Forever

Golf is an activity that can be enjoyed as a game or as a sport. While any form of golf out on a course requires some amount of exertion, the golfer playing nine with a cart is putting out a lot less energy than anyone walking 18 in loop. The younger or more fit player looking to walk 18 holes can stroll up to 10 miles if he or she plays from the tips.

A walking golfer needs to pay attention to his or her feet. A golf shoe navigating 18 holes needs to be tough, supportive and, above all, comfortable. A shoe that serves up a blister on the front nine will make reaching the 18th next to impossible. Kicks that don’t support your feet properly might keep you going today, but they’ll make playing tomorrow a lot more difficult.

This collection of comfortable golf shoes run the spectrum from specialized athletic shoes to casual sneakers to dressier styles. Regardless, each pair in play will keep your dogs happy up and down the fairways.


1. Royal Albartross Driver Brown

Best Overall

A brand that’s taking hold in the golf shoe world, Royal Albartross takes on the luxury market with a blend of formal and casual designs made from the finest materials. They make golf shoes a player can wear for a lifetime of play. Starting out, the London-based company stuck with conservative aesthetics. That changed with the new SS20 line — shoes that maintain the same strong build quality while offering more casual styling and playful colors. If the golf lover has plans after a round, these great-looking shoes transition well to life off the links.

We choose the Driver Grey specifically because of the small styling details, plus the overall comfort. The pop of orange on the sole and the stitching help give the shoe a unique look, while the supple leather makes them extremely comfortable, even after a long game. The styling lets it work with golf shorts and slacks during or after a round. If you’re looking for an overall great shoe for a golfer at any level, this is the one to get.

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Courtesy of Royal Albartross

2. Cole Haan GrandPrø AM Golf Sneaker

Best Newcomers

The Cole Haan Golf Shoes offer a mix between traditional sneakers, golf shoes and wingtip dress shoes. These pairs are available in various color mixed including stylish camo prints. They’re designed to keep your feet dry even in wet weather and feature a leather upper and cushioned foam footbed. While they might look like stiff dress shoes, they’re designed to flex and move with your feet.

These new Cole Haan golf shoes are comfortable immediately out of the box and arrive ready for immediate use. No breaking in required. If you prefer spike-less golf shoes that are both practical and stylish, then this is a more than worthy option to consider.

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Courtesy of Cole Haan

3. MyJoys from FootJoy

Best for the Bespoke Golfer

The MyJoys system allows you to head over to classic golf footwear maker FootJoy’s website and create a pair of shoes unique in the world. For the golfer who demands very precise specs — while looking for equally en pointe styling, FootJoy began offering its bespoke MyJoys service in 2003. After navigating through a simple menu of style, color and material choices, the player emerges with a pair of unique FootJoy shoes made exclusively for one, very dedicated golfer’s feet with only a modest additional charge for the individuality.

Review: We Tried FootJoy’s Bespoke Golf Shoes

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4. Skechers Go Golf


Best for Feet Looking for a Boost

If there’s one thing any pair of Skechers athletic shoes do really well, it’s support your instep and protect your arches. That’s two things. Fair enough. Still, you get the idea. Skechers are all about giving your feet a boost. Their latest golf shoes offer the patented Skechers Arch Fit® insole system with podiatrist-certified arch support. That’s exactly the kind of support we were on about here. Skechers say that podiatrist-designed construction was developed with 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans.

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Courtesy of Skeckers

5. adidas Men’s Tour360 Xt

Best for the Serious Player

The adidas Men’s Tour360 Xt is one of the more advanced spike-less golf shoes. It packs all of the elements of PGA-worthy design, just without the full spike structures you find on most tour-used shoes. For those players looking for the same lightness and build quality of professional adidas golf shoes without the cleat design, the Men’s Tour360 Xt Spikeless Golf Shoe will stand in nicely. Made from airy, highly breathable textiles and featuring a firm sole and elaborate grip pattern, the Adidas Tour360 Xt offers supporting bounce, spring and recovery.

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6. Callaway Men’s Del Mar Sunset

Best for the Compromising Player

No shoe on this list combines comfortable sneaker and full-on golf shoe as subtly as the Callaway Del Mar Sunset. The shoe is a blend of soft spiked athletic shoe and a simple, beach-themed tennis shoe. The prominent soft spikes on the shoe’s underside qualifies it as a full-on golf implement. The Del Mar Sunset also hides away a waterproof upper for extra protection. A thick insole and a breathable liner completes the comfort effect. We include the extra sales link below because, if you do a search on “Del Mar Sunset,” you’ll end up with the time the sun goes down in San Diego.

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7. Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Swingtip SD

Best for the Transitional Player

These Nikes would work great for that rookie golfer who doesn’t really know yet if he or she wants to take up the game seriously. That’s mainly because they’re the pair of kicks that least resemble golf shoes in this gathering of options. The natural suede look could pass for a simple pair of semi-casual sneakers, but the Lunar Swingtip is loaded with weight activated rubber traction lugs — essentially studs on the bottom of the shoe that act as mini-spikes if weight stressed. If the game turns out to not be for you, keep the shoes.

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8. Mizuno Players Trainer Turf

Best for the HIker Turned Golfer

Mizuno makes some of the most technically advanced golf clubs in the world over there in Japan. Surprisingly, they don’t offer a plethora of golf shoe options to carry players along while they swing Mizuno sticks. Fortunately, the company does some excellent cross-training, multipurpose athletic shoes for rugged outdoor use. The Mizuno Players Trainer Turf pair were initially designed for high stress wear on the baseball field, but they include all of the construction requirements of a comfortable golf shoe.

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9. Linksoul X True Lux Knit

Best for the Casual Golfer

The Linksoul X True Lux Knit is a shoe emerging from a partnership between two entities dedicated to becoming brands, designed for younger players searching for a cool, casual approach to golf. Extremely lightweight and form-fitting, the Linksoul X True Lux Knit feels like a slipper out on the course and work best for a slow, leisurely stroll around the links. Also, like other pairs in this collection, it’s easy to navigate off the course wearing these same shoes following the round.

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10. FlorsheimVenture Knit Plain Toe Lace Up

Best for the Quick Round

Admittedly, these FlorsheimVenture Knit Plain Toe Lace Up shoes are not specially designed golf shoes. Instead, they are the shoemaker’s most popular turf-based footwear. Built for maximum comfort and utility, Florsheim uses a soft, light knit textile outside with removable “Comfortech” footbed for athletic wear springiness and flexibility inside. The manufacturer packs in a “SupaCush” midsole to carry the wearer off the course and through the rest of the day.

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11. FootJoy Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoe

Best for the Tough Fit

If you’re looking for FootJoy comfort and quality, but don’t want to lay out for the MyJoy bespoke process, the FootJoy Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoe offers all of the support and durability FootJoy heralds as its signature qualities. As a boa, there are no laces here. Instead, a dial on the back of the shoe tightens or releases the sides of the shoe to provide a snug fit. The Hyperflex Boa is smart choice for many golfers who struggle to find comfortable shoes because one foot is larger than the other.

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12. Ecco Men’s S-Three Spikeless Golf Shoes

Best for the Funky Player

Ecco’s spikeless design is forged from leather and Gore-Tex for maximum comfort, flexibility and waterproof reliability. Still, what catches the eye with the Ecco Men’s S-Three Spikeless Golf Shoes is their aggressive styling. The designers over at Ecco make sure to get a little color into some of their makes. Of course, you can always get white, gray or a solid color if you play it safe. Still. if you like to peacock a bit more on the golf course, you’d get a kick out of these well-made kicks.

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