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The Best Golf Jackets to Warm You Up for Spring Play

After a virus-cursed 2020 and a long winter, golfers not lucky enough to live in warm weather zones are aching to get back out there and play. In fact, you will see that very same eagerness at the end of every winter, pandemic or not.

Jumpy golfers often hustle out onto their favorite courses before the weather fully warms to the idea of outdoor sports. Fortunately, the major sportswear manufacturers make golf jackets specially designed to keep a player warm, though mobile. If you pick the right make, a golf jacket will keep you warm and drive — while allowing you the freedom of movement to swing the club.

This collection of golf jackets will do the job, but each product leans into different aspects of weather and function a little differently. There’s also a mix of prices here to look after the casual and more dedicated player.


1. adidas Men’s Cold.rdy Jacket


The half-zip sportswear concept is very popular in golf, and you can make the argument that such a design is more of a high-tech sweatshirt, sweater or jumper instead of a jacket. Still, the adidas Men’s Cold.rdy will serve our purposes very nicely. Adidas constructed it to be insulating, wind-resistant and water-repellent. Its high-tech fabrics stretch comfortably and allow ample movement.

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2. William Murray Golf Downpour Jacket


Everything out of the William Murray Golf line combines casual styling with quality materials, and they make some of the best golf shirts for stylish players. The result is well-made apparel that doesn’t necessarily have the look of the more athletic-themed brands like adidas or Under Armour. The rain-canceling Downpour Jacket is comfortable and light enough to accompany you on the golf course, but it’s built tough enough to fight off the weather when the round is over.

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William Murray Golf

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3. Linksoul Half-Zip Boardwalker Hoodie


Linksoul specializes in casual golf wear for younger players who aren’t into the pleated pants and polo look just yet. This Boardwalker Hoodie has that signature, cool knock-around look, but this half-zip design will keep you warm enough with its evolved mix of cotton, polyester and spandex. The styling includes zipper pockets for water-safe storage of valuables, smartphones, etc. The light fabric blend keeps the jacket light enough to stay on while the spring temperature fluctuates.

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4. Jack Nicklaus Heavyweight Fleece Back Jacket


Heavier than most golf jackets and created with more traditional, old-school style, the Jack Nicklaus Heavyweight Fleece Back Jacket is a full-zip version made of 100% Polyester. The result is warm enough to keep you comfortable even if playing on a colder, early spring day. Since it’s fleece, it’s not a top choice for wet weather play, but it’s a comfortable choice for any round that might encounter a chill.

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Jack Nicklaus Golf

5. Nike Men’s Golf Jackets


You might want to change the “Best for” on this one to “Best for the Indecisive Golfer” or “Best for the Golfer without Time to Go Home and Change.” That third one there is running a little long, so let’s just say the main gimmick for this entry is the reversible factor. You can wear one jacket out, and another one home. Made of 100% Polyester, the Full Core Jacket is water-repellent and insulated for warmth. The same zipper seals up the garment, regardless of which side you’re showing the world.

Because this bomber-style jacket is unfortunately in short supply, we also recommend the Nike Repel golf jacket, linked below. The Nike Repel is the perfect in-between jacket when you no longer need a winter coat but need some protection from the wind. No matter which one you choose, Nike makes some of the best golf jackets for the Spring 2021 season.

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6. Violent Gentlemen Triumph Windbreaker


We openly admit this is not a golf jacket by definition, but this tough Triumph Windbreaker is light enough to wear on the course while it keeps the elements entirely at bay. Meanwhile, the Violent Gentlemen brand brings an aggressive style to all of their products that should really stand out on a golf course and get an opponent’s attention. There are no hockey fights in golf, but this patriotic camo cut might make the other guy wonder when he steps to the tee.

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Violent Gentlemen

7. Callaway Men’s Corporate Waterproof Jacket


We’re still looking into what makes this golf jacket “corporate,” but we haven’t come up with anything beyond its refined styling. I suppose if we look into it too deeply, we might attract the Occupy Wall Street crowd to pitch camp on this website. We’ll let it go. A full-zip jacket, the Callaway Corporate is a 100% Polyester garment that locks out the rain and preserves body heat at the same time. The golf experts at Callaway also know how to let a jacket flex with the player’s movements. 

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8. Under Armour Golf Storm Windstrike Full Zip


The company says this is a loose-fit jacket, but this Golf Storm Windstrike Full-Zip still offers up that familiar, snug, Under Armour fit. There’s deliberately very little wiggle room in any Under Armour garment — even in their looser incarnations – but the manufacturer’s mix of high-tech, “poly-stretch” blend and UA Storm materials repel water without overheating you. The hidden hand pockets keep the paws warm and dry between shots.

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Under Armour

9. Sun Mountain Elite Golf Jackets


There’s a lot of R&D going into the Sun Mountain Elite Golf Jacket. Technology built into the fabric and the garment’s structure works with the body’s perspiration and heat to increase a cooling effect. The result is a jacket that keeps you dry, but cool. That same material stretches properly to allow for a comfortable swing, and the designers were sharp enough to work in a waterproof chest pocket for a smartphone or scorecard and waterproof handwarmer pockets.

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Sun Mountain

10. Sunderland of Scotland ZERMATT


The outerwear created by the golfers at Sunderland of Scotland is so light it really does feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. That lack of weight combined with the flexibility of Sunderland’s fabric designs make the ZERMATT a prime cold-weather option. The Scottish manufacturer offers this design in a variety of colors and styles, but the full zipper and high, roll-up collar come standard on all variations.

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