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This Portable Device Boils Water in Just Two Minutes While in The Great Outdoors

* A rapid boil set-up for hot water—in 2 minutes
* The Zip Jetboil is a self-sustaining design that folds up into one 12-ounce cup
* Ideal for backpackers and campers who need a portable water heater

Some of the best things in life happen outdoors; when we strip ourselves of technology and bring it down to the basics. But those basics are key to having a successful venture in the great outdoors. So we have spent time gathering goods for you that provide excellent shelter while outside, warmth during frigid nights and the best knives to take on hunting and camping trips. In addition, you will most likely want a dependable source for heating water and cooking food on longer expeditions allowing for a slightly elevated experience while braving the elements.

The Jetboil camping stove is one of the most reliable setups for this exact problem. It uses a small propane tank set below a 12-ounce cup that the brand calls FluxRing, which holds just under a liter of water (.8 liters) and is fixed with an insulated koozie to keep hot water hot and cooler water cold. It is a very easy piece of equipment to use and comes with everything you need to be cooking right away. It makes the old-school metal camping stove look like an archaic and cumbersome tool, especially for backpackers who have limited space and little time to waste in between treks. Simply turn the propane tank on, light the top using matches or a lighter, twist the cup on top and begin boiling your water—two cups in two minutes to be exact. They say this is half the fuel consumption of traditional systems, making it an obvious choice for travelers who don’t need to cook for the whole family but do need hot water quickly for coffee, tea and to stir up those packable meals for the go.

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The Jetpower propane tank can be used to boil 12 liters per 100 grams and the whole setup includes a fuel canister stabilizer, a tripod for easy standing and the FluxRing cup, which includes a bottom cup for measuring that pops on-and-off. The whole set-up fits into the FluxRing and seals itself up by closing the drinking lid on top.

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With an integrated sipping feature in the cup, you can prepare your beverage or soup and then pop the lid on and take your drink to-go. It comes with a small handle on the side so you don’t have to grab the hot container and risk a burn and it heats up the perfect amount for a single traveler. We love this set up for morning coffee on the trail, fresh oatmeal, warm water for cleaning dirty dishes—and yourself—and it can be used for larger cooking operations when paired with the Jetboil accessories you can purchase separately. The brands cooking pot can be placed directly over the top of the propane setup so you can make a stirfry or morning scramble. This Zip version is a more refined and lower-priced version of the original Jetboil, making it a great choice for weekend warriors who want to hit the wilderness for a quick trip as well as solo travelers who want to be a self-sustaining machine out in the wild.

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