Venturing Out Yonder? Be Sure to Keep the Best Tools for Removing Ticks Handy

Best Tick Removing Tool

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It’s that time of the year again when many of us are getting out and enjoying the sunshine. We are taking our dogs for long walks and are heading out on walking, biking, and hiking trails. And as much as those things can be good for health, there are little critters like ticks that are out and about as well. For that reason, we always keep the best tick-removal tools handy.

While tick bites may not be particularly painful, they can be worrisome. Ticks can transmit pathogens for illnesses such as babesiosis, a parasitic infection of the red blood cells, ehrlichiosis bacterial disease and Lyme disease, the most common vector-borne disease in the US. 

While your automatic response when a tick attaches itself to your skin may be to grab a handy pair of tweezers, that may not be your best move as you may squish it or only partially remove it, making it even more difficult to dislodge the little pest. Knowing how to remove a tick accurately is vital for avoiding one of the illnesses they can pass along to animals and humans.

Luckily there are companies that sell devices that are meant to remove ticks without leaving any of their dangly bits behind. Here are some of the best tools for removing ticks and also tips for cleaning and disinfecting the wound. 


1. TickCheck Tick Remover Kit 

For many, the thought of having a tick embedded in their skin can really make them feel itchy and freak out, but if you are someone who loves the outdoors, you may be willing to risk that. If you happen to find that a tick has attached itself to your body, the TheTickCheck Tick Remover Kit can help. It has a stainless steel tick remover that can detach larger ticks and a smaller version with a super-fine tip for removing deer ticks and nymphs from humans and pets. The kit contains a stainless steel tick remover, tweezers, leather case, and a tick pocket identification card.

TickCheck Tick Remover Kit, Tick removal tools Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. The Original Tick Key Tick Removal Device 

Another item that is worth having in your anti-tick arsenal is the Original Tick Key -Tick Removal Device. While it may favor an old-style bottle opener, it is far from that. This tick-removal tool uses forward leverage to extract the tick head. It works on ticks of various sizes without you having to use your hands. It should also be able to help remove ticks from your pets.

The Original Tick Key Tick Removal Device, Tick Removal Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. Ticked Off Tick 

The tick key is a removal device meant to detach the entire body of those pesky critters without you having to touch it and risk the possibility of squishing it. The tick-removal tool works by placing the cup side down on your skin and sliding the v-shaped opening under the tick’s body. It would help if you kept moving the tick key forward, eventually removing the tick from your skin.

Ticked Off Tick Remover, Tick removers Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. Tick Nipper Tick Remover

Deer ticks can be small and not easily spotted, and Tick Nipper tick removal device comes with a built-in 20x lens that helps you spot and remove them your skin and clothes. It works by sliding it under the tick, gripping it, which should keep it whole.

Tick Nipper Tick Remover, Tick removal Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. Magnifying Glass with Light

Depending on the size of the tick, it could blend in, and you might miss it. But if you are out and about in the woods or an area known for being tick heavy, you may want to do a thorough examination of your body when you get home. The best way to examine yourself is through a magnifying glass. As silly as that may sound, it can help you to distinguish between a mole, blemish and a tick. This Magnifying Glass has a led light and 30X magnification.

Magnifying Glass with Light, tick removing tools Image Courtesy of Amazon

6. Ziploc Storage Bags with New Grip ‘n Seal Technology

Once you have used your tick-removal tool to take out the tick, you may want to keep it in tack and have your healthcare provider examine it or even test for possible diseases. While you can use a bulky jar, a low-key and easy hack is to carry a small-size storage bag with you. Ziploc storage bags are triple-sealed and have an extended tab to ensure that what is placed in them stays there.

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7. Curad alcohol prep pads

After removing a tick, you want not only to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water; you should probably do so with your entire body focusing on the area where you were bitten. But if you aren’t close to home, you can use rubbing alcohol to cleanse and sterilize the site properly. While having a regular size bottle at home is a breeze, not so if you are out and about. Curad alcohol prep pads are an excellent alternative. Pop them in your pocket and go. Each prep pad is made with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Curad alcohol prep pad, best tick removing tools Image Courtesy of Amazon

8. Band-Aid in Defense with Neosporin

Instead of carrying around triple antibiotic cream and bandages separately, there is another option. Try a two-in-one. Band-Aid in Defense with Neosporin is a non-stick pad that is easy to adhere to and remove. So the next time you are heading out on a hike or walk, you can stash a couple of these in your pocket for a tick bite or other nicks or cuts.

Bandaid in Defense with Neosporin, best tick removing tools Image Courtesy of Amazon


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