Grab One of These Backpack Chairs for More Comfortable Outdoor Adventures

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When it comes to putting together your gear for a backpacking trip, chilling at the beach or camping in the great outdoors, one item which is sure to fall into the “maybe” category is a chair. “We’ll just find something to sit on,” or, “They’re too heavy and bulky to carry,” are the usual arguments which result in seating options getting left behind. Does this scenario sound familiar?

An easy answer to such a dilemma is to ensure the chairs at your disposal are fit for the job. For example, investing in a lightweight, easy-to-carry and built-for-comfort chair means you’ll always have a comfortable place to sit down, no matter where you are. Backpack chairs pretty much ticks all those boxes.

Chantel Keona
2 years
Nice chairs.

Choosing the right chair for you comes down to a number of important criteria. The activity you’re going to be doing when you need a chair is probably the most important of these decision points. Are you going to be going on a long trek? Or are you headed to the local parade? Weight limits and space limitations are also things to think about. But don’t worry, there’s a chair for every task!

Chantel Keona
2 years
Nice chairs.

We’ve put together 11 of the best backpack chairs. Options include ultra-lightweight, compact chairs as well as grander, more-luxurious choices, too. Whether you’re going to a festival, the beach, backpacking or simply sitting in your garden, we’ve found a chair to fit your needs.


1. Helinox Chair Zero


The Helinox Chair Zero is an all-around answer to your seating dilemma. The easy-to-put-together construction of the chair means you can set it up or take it down in a matter of seconds, while the compact size makes it super simple to pack and carry on your outdoor adventures. The anodized DAC aluminum poles are also lightweight yet capable of supporting weights up to 265 pounds. In addition, the chair is available in a choice of black or grey, comes with an accompanying stuff sack and has an optional groundsheet to create a more solid base on surfaces like sand, snow or mud.

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2. Helinox Chair One


The Helinox Chair one is a top pick for backpackers because of its weight and its structure. A modest, comfortable chair, it is 2 pounds and easy to pack and set up. Although 2 pounds might deter some backpackers, it’ll be worth it once you get to the end of your hike and really want to sit down and relax. Sturdy and reliable, the Helinox Chair One is tough contender with Helinox Chair Zero.

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3. Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 Original Chair


With its ability to function as a chair, a cover, a rocker, a doormat, or a fan for your fire, the Hex 2.0 is a great chair for beginners. It’s lightweight, compresses easily to attach to the side of your backpack and can serve multiple functions. It’ll keep the rest of your gear dry or free from sand if you secure it around your other gear. It’s not our first choice for backpacking chairs, but it’s a great choice for beginners or people who enjoy hiking in the desert because of its simple design. 


Hex 2.0Courtesy of Amazon


4. Helinox Chair One XL


The Helinox Chair One XL is built for over 350 pounds, so if you’ve had trouble finding a chair that’s the right weight for you, look no further. Although carrying it will be an added weight at 3.6 pounds, it’ll be worth it for more room and extra coziness. Similar in build to the Helinox Chair One, the XL is your best chance at a more comfortable chair for the great outdoors.

Helinox Chair One XLCourtesy of Amazon


5. MOON LENCE Outdoor Portable Folding Chair


The MOON LENCE Outdoor Portable Folding Chair is available in a range of different colors, meaning every friend or family member can have a color to call their own. The easy-up and easy-down chair is capable of holding weights up to 242 pounds, and collapses down into an easy-to-carry pouch, which is just over 14 inches long. The design also includes two hanging pockets for storing your essentials.

backpack chair moon lenceImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair


With over 500 five-star reviews from Amazon users, the Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair offers everything you could want in a backpack chair. The loop design makes it especially easy to assemble and take down, while the built-in side pockets ensure you’ve got a place to store your things. It also boasts a deeper seated design for extra comfort. Once packed, the complete weight of the chair is only 2.1 pounds, while the assembled seat can hold up to an impressive 300 pounds.

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7. Ozark Trail Himont Camp Lite Chair


The Ozark Trail Himont Camp Lite Chair can hold up to 250 pounds and sports an oversized design, padded back and breathable mesh patches to add to the sitter’s comfort in comparison to competing chairs. It features a handy storage pocket, which hangs down from the front, and the chair is constructed from lightweight aluminum shock-corded frame legs, which provide a solid base and connect easily for quick assembly. The chair also includes its own zippered carry bag with a molle system to make carrying and storing your chair especially simple.

backpack chair ozark walmartImage courtesy of Walmart


8. Nice C Low Folding Chair


If you’re looking for a chair for chilling out at the beach, look no further than the Nice C Low Folding Chair. The chair’s low profile ensures comfort, while the built-in bottle holder gives you a place to keep your beer chilled to perfection. The design also includes armrests, and the industrial-grade materials are capable of holding up to 300 pounds. The mesh backing keeps you cool throughout the day, and the included carrying bag has a shoulder strap for easy transport to and from your favorite spot.

backpack chair nice c lowImage courtesy of Amazon


9. Kelsyus Backpack Chair


With a back and underside made entirely from mesh-filled materials, the Kelsyus Backpack Chair combines comfort and design with ease. The comprehensive chair sports an adjustable headrest, armrests and a single cup holder, too. Plus, the intelligent design uses the chair’s armrests as carrying straps when the chair is collapsed, meaning you’ll never have to worry about forgetting a carrying case again.

backpack chair kelsyusImage courtesy of Amazon


10. KingCamp Low Sling Folding Chair


Whether you’re heading to the beach, a concert or out on a camping trip, the KingCamp Low Sling Folding Chair has your sitting space covered. This low-sitting chair boasts an ergonomic design, which provides comfort while accommodating those up to a weight of 300 pounds. The design includes armrests, anti-skid legs and a built-in cup holder for keeping your beverage close at hand. In addition, this chair is available in three different colors and boasts five-star reviews from over 80 percent of users.

backpack chair king campImage courtesy of Amazon



11. NEMO Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair


If you’re looking for a chair that lets you sit back, relax and take in the world around you, then the NEMO Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair is the choice for you. It sports a durable, camp-ready construction and includes water-resistant mesh throughout to keep you cool and sweat-free during your sitting time. The chair also features a hammock-like feel, as the main seat is suspended in the air, allowing you to rock or lean back as you please.

backpack chair rei nemoImage courtesy of REI


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