Don’t Miss a Single Text, Tweet or Story With the Best Touchscreen Gloves

best touch-screen gloves
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What’s the best way to keep your hands warm without losing the ability to text, scroll and surf, you ask? The answer is the best pair of touchscreen gloves, of course! 

Touchscreens and advancing technology have entirely changed how we communicate with one another, but more than that, they’ve also changed the fashion industry. It’s not uncommon to see designated pockets, pouches or straps within a coat, bag or even your gym leggings to hold a phone these days. 

One of the biggest and best developments in technology-inspired fashion came when people realized that you couldn’t wear a pair of traditional winter gloves and use a touchscreen simultaneously.

Touchscreen gloves quickly became the answer, as these gloves are equipped with a special material that allows access to the screen of a phone. Undoubtedly, they’re the best way to keep your hands warm and protected while still being in communication with the outside world. Here are a few features to look out for when choosing the best touchscreen gloves for you:

  • Waterproof – We’re not saying that you’ll want to or should go swimming in your new technology gloves. But, if you’re planning to wear them outside in winter, it’s definitely worth ensuring your gloves have waterproof technology in the design. Better to be safe than soggy.
  • Windproof – The wind can impact the chill factor in winter, so having your hands protected against any gust or gale force is a wise decision. You should look for gloves with a soft outer shell or utilize Gore-Tex material for the best windproofing. 
  • Thermal To keep your hands toasty warm and touchscreen-friendly, consider a pair of technology-focused gloves that double up as thermal hand heaters. The best materials for thermal results are wool-based.
  • Conductive Material – Touchscreens are covered in electrical conductors, and so you’ll need to use a conductive material to control your movements on the screen. You’ll often see conductive materials used on technology gloves’ finger and thumb tips.
  • Grip – Let’s not forget about the other gloves’ uses, especially their improved grip potential. While there will be digit tips covered in a conductive material, you might also find that the palms of technology gloves are covered in silicon patterns for a firm grip on your pricey devices. 
  • Tip Coverage – Most touchscreen gloves will have at least the thumb and index fingertips covered in a conductive material, ready to type. However, some variations introduce the middle finger as a further topped tapper and others that cover the heads of all five digits, too.

It’s 2021, and even those who are most in touch with nature have a smartphone. Whether you’re gardening, hiking or just a bit cold, it won’t be long before you want to check your texts. As ubiquitous now as our smartphones themselves, there are plenty of really fantastic touchscreen glove options out there. So, finding the best of the best can be a little tricky. But that’s where we come in, as we’ve selected the 18 best touchscreen gloves for a variety of different needs.


1. Carhartt Men’s C Touch Touchscreen Gloves


These touchscreen gloves from Carhartt are designed to last, even if used for tough jobs or worn every day. They have an exterior shell that helps cut out wind chill, and they utilize C-touch technology to allow for touchscreen usage. They also have a rib-knit cuff which is great for slipping under a jacket sleeve to retain as much warmth as possible. For manly gloves that still allow you to communicate with everyone else, look no further than this Carhartt option.

Carharrt C Touch Touch Screen Gloves Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Achiou Touchscreen Thermal Gloves


For under $10, you can be the proud new warm-handed owner of these Achiou Touchscreen Thermal Gloves. You’ll find touchscreen tips on the thumb, forefinger and middle finger of each glove. They’re available in five different color options, and they are made from a knitted, four-way stretch material that offers excellent flexibility when fitting to your hand. Plus, they’re available in four attractive colors.

touch screen gloves achiou Image courtesy of Amazon


3. TRENDOUX Touchscreen Gloves


When you think of a basic glove, you probably think of something very similar in appearance to the TRENDOUX Touchscreen Gloves. They’re made from a small knit 95% acrylic and 5% spandex mix, giving them a simple and stretchy finish. Although these gloves are traditional in style, the palms and fingers are covered in triangular, silicone patches for the advanced ability for screen touching. Don’t underestimate these gloves simply based on their price.

touch screen gloves trendoux Image courtesy of Amazon


4. WMOSS Touchscreen Gloves


These WMOSS Touchscreen Gloves are designed for both screen usage and keeping your hands warm, even on the coldest days. They utilize a fleece construction to ensure the highest quality of warmth. The thumb and index fingertips have been topped with a conductive material that will allow you to use any touchscreen precisely. There’s also a zipper on the cuff of these gloves for easy putting on and taking off.

WMOSS Touchscreen Gloves Amazon


5. C.C Touchscreen Gloves


Just because you want to use your phone doesn’t mean you can’t have a wooly, warm and heavy-knitted pair of traditional winter gloves. The C.C Touchscreen Gloves are a fashionable fix for those looking to wrap up in a matching hat, scarf and gloves combo (hat and scarf available separately) while also using their phone. There’s a vast range of color variations to choose from, and they’re all designed with unisex style in mind. So, why not treat you and your partner to matching sets?

touch screen gloves c c Image courtesy of Amazon


6. DEX FIT Touchscreen Work Gloves


With these DEX FIT Touchscreen Work Gloves, you can go from gardening to scrolling without even taking your gloves off. The grey top layer is made from flexible nylon and spandex mix, and the palm covers are water-based rubber for excellent grip and touchscreen ability. The cuffs are made from stretchy, jumper-like material for a snug fit around your wrist. Plus, they’re also machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about getting stuck in the mud.

touch screen gloves dex fit Image courtesy of Amazon


7. New Balance Touchscreen Running Gloves


Often the brand to beat when it comes to sports gear, New Balance’s Touchscreen Running Gloves are designed to keep you warm on the move. They’re made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex which ensures they’re both comfy to wear and easy to put on. They’ll also fit the shape of your hands well due to the spandex material. The palm of each glove is covered with a wavy design for extra grip and touchscreen use. So, don’t let winter weather stop you from getting your steps in.

touch screen gloves new balance Image courtesy of Amazon


8. OZERO Touchscreen Gloves


Be blown away with the windproof protection you’ll experience when wearing the OZERO Touchscreen Gloves. The thumb and index fingertips are coated in conductive material for touchscreen abilities. At the same time, the palm and other fingertips are textured for an elevated grip to help with any sort of winter task, from shoveling snow to taking the dog for a walk. They’re available in black and even have a fully waterproof membrane to keep you nice and dry.

OZERO Touchscreen Gloves Amazon


9. SIMARI Touchscreen Gloves


Jumping jacks, text, burpee, scroll, press-up, like. These 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex lightweight, slim fit Touchscreen Gloves are the perfect second skin for your hands when exercising. They slip on and off easily thanks to their elastic cuff and are equipped with touchscreen fingertips for easy phone usage. So, whether you’re sweating or scrolling, be sure to have your SIMARI Touchscreen Gloves on.

touch screen gloves simari Image courtesy of Amazon


10. OZERO Men’s Thermal Gloves


Texting while driving is a big no-no, but these Men’s Thermal Gloves from OZERO are a big thumbs up if you’re behind the wheel, stationary and in a safely parked area. The stylish zig-zag conductive dots on the palm and two fingertips allow for a strong grip and touchscreen ability. Most of the gloves’ material is made from waterproof TPU, so they’re also great for outdoor use.

touch screen gloves ozero Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Acdyion Leather Touchscreen Gloves


While a set of leather touchscreen gloves almost seems too posh to exist, these from Acdyion are very real and worth consideration. Made from genuine premium leather, they’re soft and supple to the touch. Speaking of touch: all of the finger pads on the fingers of the gloves are touch-enabled to ensure a full range of coverage. Like beloved driving gloves, they’re a must-own for any man who doesn’t want to forgo form for functionality.

Acdyion Leather Touch Screen Gloves Image courtesy of Amazon


12. KINGSBOM Touchscreen Gloves


Snowproof, windproof and waterproof, you name the weather, and the chances are that these KINGSBON Touchscreen Gloves are ready to handle it. They’re chunkier in style than most touchscreen gloves but still offer precise touchscreen abilities from the thumb and index finger. Plus, they’re light in weight. If you’re looking for a pair of all-purpose gloves to have on standby to tackle any household task, then these are the gloves for you.

touch screen gloves kingsbom Image courtesy of Amazon


13.  Smartwool Merino Wool Touchscreen Gloves


If you want a glove that won’t be too bulky — but don’t want to sacrifice warmth —  these Smartwool Merino Wool touchscreen gloves are your best option. The super warm merino wool construction provides a natural fiber to help your hands regulate their temperature while keeping things warm and comfortable. And while they’re thinner than some other gloves, the merino wool on the back portion of the glove has been constructed with a windproof overlay to help cut down on chills. It’s a surprising package that proves there’s more than meets the eye.

Smartwool Merino Wool Touch Screen Glove Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Levi’s Touchscreen Gloves


Levi’s is not just a one-trick denim pony when it comes to apparel. These touchscreen gloves are a quality addition for any fashionista looking to invest in a pair. They’re made from comfy, wool-like material and have a further insulated lining for warmth. On the thumb and index fingertips, you’ll find a conductive material ready for you to tip-tap away on your phone from the comfort of your good-looking gloves.

Levi's Touch Screen Glove Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Outdoor Research Gripper Touchscreen Gloves


The warmest pair of gloves on this list, the Outdoor Research Gripper touchscreen gloves, were built to handle snow sports, but they double as a super warm pair of gloves quite nicely. The construction is a weather-resistant fleece that handles water and wind with ease, without compromising warmth in the process. The gripped palms make it so you’ll have plenty of traction, no matter what you’re doing. But our favorite detail is the extended tapered wrists that make them easy to slip underneath whatever coat you might be wearing. It all comes together for a set of gloves that won’t fail you, no matter the weather.

Outdoor Research Gripper Touch Screen Gloves Image courtesy of REI


16. The North Face Etip Grip Touchscreen Gloves


These Etip gloves from The North Face give you the power of five-finger touchscreen usability. They’re designed with an outer softshell and a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish to be completely wind and waterproof. Not only are all five fingertips touchscreen-friendly, but the surface of both palms is also covered with silicone for a solid grip. So, you can hold onto your phone securely while typing away, all from the comfort of your gloves. These gloves really are a touchscreen dream come true.

The North Face Etip Touch Screen Gloves Image courtesy of REI


17. lululemon Cold Terrain Touchscreen Gloves


Sometimes you want a little more from your gloves, which is why we’re so taken with these Cold Terrain gloves from lululemon. The stowable hood allows you to protect your hands from the rain while also providing extra warmth. The fleece fabric is made from a four-way stretch that will move with you, as well as a silicone print on the palm for a bit of an extra grip when you may need it most.

lululemon Cold Terrain Touchscreen Gloves lululemon


18. Eddie Bauer Powder Search Touchscreen Gloves


Looking for a glove that can support you during skiing or snowboarding but still allow you to fire off a good IG post in between slope runs? The Powder Search Touchscreen Gloves from Eddie Bauer will be your best friend, thanks to the extreme warmth of their 100-gram insulation, gauntlet wrists that keep out snow, and the waterproof outer shell. Oh, and they clip together so you won’t lose them either.

Eddie Bauer Powder Search Touchscreen Gloves Eddie Bauer


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