Don’t Miss a Single Text, Tweet or Story With These 9 Touch Screen Gloves

best touch screen gloves
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Smartphones have completely changed the way in which we communicate with one another, but more than just changing that, they’ve also changed the fashion industry. It’s not uncommon to see designated spots within a winter coat, for example, to hold your phone. However, the biggest fashion change of all came when people realized that you couldn’t wear a pair of gloves and text on your screens at the same time.

Touch screen gloves quickly became the answer, as these gloves are equipped with special material that allows you to still access the screen of your phone. As ubiquitous now as our smartphones themselves, there are plenty of really fantastic options out there to purchase, so finding the best of the best can be a little difficult. But that’s where we come in, as we’ve selected the nine best touch screen gloves for a variety of different needs.

1. Patagonia Wind Shield Touch Screen Gloves


Often the brand to beat when it comes to outdoor gear, Patagonia’s Wind Shield gloves are made for the outdoors. With a durable, water repellent finish to resist moisture that’s also windproof, these touch screen gloves make a great companion for those that don’t let winter weather stop them from getting their exercise in. Meanwhile, the interior portion of the gloves is lined with a wicking fleece that will regulate your body temperature so your hands don’t overheat. But should your hands get a little nasty, the included Polygiene odor resistance helps to ward off sweat. Basically, you won’t want to leave on a run without them.

Patagonia Logo-Print Wind Shield Touch Screen Gloves Courtesy of Mr. Porter


2. The North Face Etip Grip Touch Screen Gloves


While many touch screen gloves limit your ability to use them to just the thumb and index finger, these Etip gloves from The North Face expand that touch screen capability to every single digit on their gloves, so there’s no need to worry about having your phone in just the right spot. Additionally, the 4-way stretch fleece allows for gloves that are snug around your fingers without being too much, as well as providing significant warmth and durability.

The North Face Etip Touch Screen Gloves Courtesy of REI


3. Carhartt Men’s C Touch Touch Screen Gloves


Great for any extended outdoor use, these touch screen gloves from Carhartt are built with an exterior shell that helps to cut down on that amount of wind that breezes through. It’s an important feature that can make all the difference on those especially brutal days when you have to be outside working. The rib-knit cuff is great to slip under a jacket sleeve in order to help further keep your hands warm.

Carharrt C Touch Touch Screen Gloves Courtesy of Amazon


4. Levi’s Touch Screen Glove


If you’re looking for a glove that will keep your hands warm and let you use your phone, without costing an arm to do so, look no further than these touch screen gloves from Levi’s. Known for far more than their denim, these touch screen gloves from the beloved brand will accomplish the basic function of a touch screen glove. Sometimes, you don’t need all the bells and whistles — so if that’s you, these will absolutely get the job done.

Levi's Touch Screen Glove Courtesy of Amazon

5. Acdyion Leather Touch Screen Gloves


While a set of leather touch screen gloves almost seems too posh to exist, these from Acdyion are very real and worth consideration. Made from genuine premium leather, they’re soft and supple to the touch. Speaking of touch: all of the finger pads on the finger of the gloves are touch-enabled to ensure a full range of coverage. Similar in look to beloved driving gloves, they’re a must-own for any man that doesn’t want to forgo form for functionality.

Acdyion Leather Touch Screen Gloves Courtesy of Amazon


6.  Smartwool Merino Wool Touch Screen Gloves


If you want a glove that won’t be too bulky — but don’t want to sacrifice warmth —  these Smartwool Merino Wool touch screen gloves are your best option. The super warm merino wool construction provides a natural fiber to help your hands regulate their temperature, while still keeping things warm and comfortable. And while they’re thinner than some other gloves, the merino wool on the back portion of the glove has been constructed with a windproof overlay to help cut down on chills. It’s a surprising package that proves there’s more than meets the eye.

Smartwool Merino Wool Touch Screen Glove Courtesy of Amazon


7. Pearl iZumi Cyclone Gel Touch Screen Gloves


There’s nothing more freeing than the wind that rolls through your hair on a bike ride. But that same wind can be brutal to combat when things take a turn for the cold in the middle of winter. Investing in a quality pair of cycling gloves is key. These touch screen gloves from beloved cycling brand Pearl iZumi provide all the standard features you’d want in a riding glove (refined gel padding and a sturdy grip, soft-shell fabric on the back of the hand for stronger wind and water protection) while still ensuring that you can access your phone in the middle of a ride if needed.

PEARL iZUMi Cyclone Gel Bike Touch Screen Gloves Courtesy of REI


8. Gordini Tactip Gore Windstopper Touch Screen Gloves


You know the saying, “Man plans and God laughs?” That could easily be applied to gloves and the wind. No matter how warm your gloves are, there’s a chance they’ll falter when the wind rolls through. Which is why investing in a complete wind stopping pair like these from Gordini makes sense if you’re in an area that’s known for harsh winds. Made with Gore Tex’s patented windstopping material, they’re your best line of defense against any brutal conditions, while still allowing you access to your smartphone.

Gordini Tactip Gore Windstopper Touch Screen Gloves Courtesy of REI


9. Outdoor Research Gripper Touch Screen Gloves


The warmest pair of gloves on this list, the Outdoor Research Gripper touch screen gloves were built to handle snow sports, but they double as a super warm pair of gloves quite nicely. The construction is weather-resistant fleece that handles water and wind with ease, never compromising warmth in the process. The gripped palms make it so you’ll have plenty of traction, no matter what you’re doing. But our favorite detail is the extended tapered wrist that makes it easy to slip them underneath whatever coat you might be wearing. It all comes together for a set of gloves that won’t fail you, no matter the weather.

Outdoor Research Gripper Touch Screen Gloves Courtesy of REI


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